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    How do you break an OSG diff?

    Like this. Lost a lot of transmission fluid as you can guess from that 'extra hole' caused by a 'free' crown gear securing bolt. Opened it up and it looked like this. Way to many loose crown gear bolts - 5 out of the 10 had sheared - the rest were loose (finger tight)...
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    Sport shims

    If you checkout your service manual and lookup SPORT SHIMS in the INDEX, all should become clear.
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    Sport shims

    Has anyone got any track day experience of running in SPORT MODE :headbang: with the sport shims removed? :drive: I was thinking about giving it a go at a track event in a few weeks but thought I'd ask the great and good first.:D
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    2013 Event dates

    Some great opportunities for club members during Le Mans this year....... Roll on the fine weather. :)
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    new clutch/flywheel

    Not sure "save money" and "performance gain" isn't a contradiction although you know best based on what you were charged labour. I've just fitted a Fidanza flywheel, centerforce clutch and stock slave (gen2). Good luck.
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    can not find Castrol Syntorq for gear for SRT-10 gearbox. What else can be used?

    "When I tried sourcing the Synctorq stuff here in the UK I was told the Euro equivalent was Syntrax." It should be readily available at most leading auto suppliers.
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    can not find Castrol Syntorq for gear for SRT-10 gearbox. What else can be used?

    I use castrol syntrans transaxle 75w-90 if that helps.
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    Donate here for paul lacey

    Some of you may already have heard about the unexpected death of Paul Lacey, one of our most long standing UK region Viper Club members. Paul was such an inspirational member of our community for such a long time he will be greatly missed by us all. Paul passed away peacefully last weekend...
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    my trans just threw up.

    Look what Postie delivered this morning... You wanna fit one of these Alex - while you've got it all apart.
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    Mr Paul Lacey UK RIP

    It’s so difficult to express the sadness in words when something like this happens – one word that keeps coming into my mind is “why?” Such a loss – and why! Paul was such an inspirational member of our community over the years and will be greatly missed by so many. RIP. Adrian
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    my trans just threw up.

    Hey Alex, sorry to hear your having troubles - if it makes you feel any better I've got my trans out at the moment as well (4th time in 5 years of ownership) - don't you just love it - wish I'd changed the clutch and slave cylinder back in 2007 - would have saved me 2 of those 4 trans removals -...
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    Running order set - Petit Le Mans 2012

    EXCELLENT results - very promising for the next season. As for the delta wing..... very impressive but it had an argument with a Porsche and lost.
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    That's Racing!

    Nice post Fatty. :2tu: Shame about the breakdown - at least it's at the end of season, not beggining. You have all winter to hatch a recovery for Spring 2013...... As you know, some of us are bound for Charlotte next week so if there's anything you think we can help with, just let us know...
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    Need Header Recommendations

    I used Belanger headers (including collectors and turnbacks) then had the rest of the system custom made in stainless steel by a local exhaust specialist. It wasn't the cheapest way of doing it by far but part of the installation included a guaranteed maximum noise level (101dB) so I could...
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    Sign up here for Website/Forum Meet and Greet

    Count me in please Lee - another must not miss activity... :2tu:
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    Does Anyone Know This GTS?

    Not wanting to hijack this thread but.... are you deluded!!! Everyone knows the 96 B/W is THE BEST…. :2tu: EVER :rolaugh: :eater::eater::eater::eater::eater:
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    Kangarooing at low RPM

    You're welcome Holger. :2tu: The garage spotted it during my MOT last month. When the car was over the maintenance pit the mechanic noticed my new zorst had burnt oil streaks all over it near the diff. Closer inspection identified the diff oil leak. As my new zorst passes DIRECTLY below...
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    Kangarooing at low RPM

    Cheers Mark. :2tu: Hi GTSHolgi - Good to meet a new member. :2tu: Not sure the following is gonna help you much though. :dunno: Time to bring 'closure' on this issue - my Kangarooing has been cured. Fatboy18's unwittingly hit the nail on the head when he mentioned my diff oil leak...
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    Oil Catch Can... Which one...?

    I connected the PCV and both valve cover ports together then into the catch can. On a trackday it traps approx 200ml so is a must have bolt-on for those that drive with spirit. Ade.
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    N/A Gen II on BFGs

    Looks like a very good result - in the right conditions, that would be in the 10s - well done. So what are your dyno results? I have a very similar setup (Gen II, N/A, 585 bhp, Belanger headers, no cats) but didn't get even close to what you did...
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    .040 spark plug gap

    MY 96 GTS service manual says plug gaps should be between 33 and 38 thou.
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    Kangarooing at low RPM

    Sorry for late come back on the above - very much appreciate the comments. Looks like I've gotta do a bit of investigation work. In the meantime I'll just have to drive her harder - only to avoid bucking of course.....
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    Kangarooing at low RPM

    Not quite stock - okay, not even close to stock - the issue is that kangaroo only just started - she didn't do it before. She's a 96 GTS so that's a stock 708 cam. I've changed the rear gear to 3.54 with an OSG diff. Lots of head work over winter too - you might remember my post. SCT tune...
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    Kangarooing at low RPM

    I recently started experiencing the car bucking/kangarooing at low speed - nothing too dramatic although a quick clutch dump prevents anything too ugly happening. It happens at low rpm when the engine is pretty much unloaded - you know those moments when you're cuising at 20mph down the high...

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