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    gen v at the houston auto show?

    does anyone know if the gen v will be there this weekend :eater: tia
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    who is this chick and...

    came across this vid who is she and how did she get this gig :eater: SRT Viper 2013 Review & Road Test with Emme Hall by RoadflyTV
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    what do twinkies and a gen v have in common? (currently on ebay, link withheld by op) :drive:
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    On yet another list....this time ebay's (hit the "Next Article button" until you see: ) "Secondhand Gems: $33,000 Roadsters" :2tu: :usa: :drive:
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    anyone here in this vid....

    ....if so :2tu: (same vid here:)!
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    viper week at autoweek w/vid
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    we made the list :D

    :headbang: woohoo ;)
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    Dodge Viper driver loses control in deadly crash

    sad to see this this morning
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    the updated ad banner

    i like it :2tu: for some reason i now notice it more and it seems to have more info - it works
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    dissed again :(

    Faster Than 200 MPH- Yahoo! Autos Article Page i know, 2011, but still :mad:
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    Inherent Diminished Value Helps

    looking at BM1's wreck thread, many mentioned "recovering diminished value" i am currently doing the claims dance :crazy2: for diminished value on another car. the insurance co has asked ME to provide a basis for diminished value, needless to say, their method of calculating results in a low...
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    diy oil chance special - thru tomorrow

    fyi for those who are similarly thrifty this: Spend $100 and get $50 Back - Advance Auto Parts plus this: April 2010 Oil Specials - Advance Auto Parts i will order tonight, unless you see a flaw in this :eater:
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    driving gen 1's - impressions....

    i didn't want to hijack Steve-Indy's thread: Driving Vipers...Gen I through IV... so i ask here: i've read so many gen 1 fun to drive comments :dunno: would those of you with experience pls explain how it differs (e.g., more raw - what do yo mean by this) from a gen 2 rt driving sans...
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    high idle help

    gents and gent-ettes Up until recently, my rt (hi flows, basic roe 93 octane sct tune, muffler del, k&n’s) has been a steady eddy idler at 500 rpm. Running hard, hot, cold, anytime I’d push in the clutch, engine would go to a steady 500 rpm’s. Recently, it hangs at about 1250 rpm’s about...
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    drain hole or not - under rt gas lid

    drove my rt (2002) in the rain and fog and rain today, then had to get gas, lifted the gas filler door and it was full of water (around the filler neck), just like after washing, (i always dry it out immediately, so don't know if it would eventually drain). is there supposed to be a drain hole...
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    comments re my posts in the Haiti thread

    I want your feedback :eater: Let me start by saying this is the first forum I have participated in. I trolled around for months before posting. My 1st post was bathed in anxiety. The whole issue of forum etiquette and effective communication (forum “conversing”) was new. I like the VCA rules...
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    was the website down for a while this morning?

    was the website down for a while this morning? couldn't access it for about 40 mins tia
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    fear and excitement - vid

    YouTube - Inside a Viper GTS-R the face tells all, cool to listen to the car and watch his movements enjoy :drive: :omg: :rolaugh: :drive: :omg: :drive:
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    would you slime.......your tire silly

    my gen 2 has a compact spare, but i was wondering what y'all thought about this: they make better kits (better pump, more sealant, safety triangles, etc) but mostly interested in the pros and cons of using something like this vs. using the compact spare if ever needed - puncture, sidewall...
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    i must call false (rt soft top in 2 mins?)

    i read the old and recent threads about assembling the (gen ii) soft top, some saying 2-4 mins once out of the trunk so y'all inspired me to try again (assembled it once since owning the car and swore i'd never use the monstrosity) i do consider myself handy with things like this, but 15...
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    Gen II Forum???

    just started noticing a forum titled: Gen II :omg: is it new or resurrected? :dunno: if i click on it will i catch swine flu or get spam for cheap meds? :crazy2: :eater:
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    ACR at Bonneville Salt Flats

    hope this isn't a re-post, kinda lame effort, but cool looking in the salt YouTube - 2008 Dodge Viper ACR: From L.A. to Bonneville :drive:
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    1 more for the rumor mill

    hope this is not a repost, source is so-so, but widely avail for reading 6 Cars on Death Row- Yahoo! Autos Article Page
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    Have read most (all?) threads about GenII exhausts mods. Any thoughts on modding stock exhaust on an 02 R/T 10 as follows: HF cats, stock resonator, and muffler delete (muffler delete ala Dave6666, pre-side exhaust, pic here...
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    MT ACR Video

    did a search, hope it's not a repost 2008 Dodge Viper ACRAmerica's Best Handling ContenderComparisonMotor Trend Video | Concept Photos, Reviews, & More at enjoy:drive:

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