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    All Gen1 and Gen2s Fuel Level Sensor available

    Hello Gen 1&2 Viper Brother and Sister, I now have all the different fuel level sensor for the 92-95, 96 RT10, 96 to 99 GTS, and 2000 to 2002 GTS. All have the correct resistance range as well. However the Gen1 RT10 and 200-2002 is an official Mopar part. The other are aftermarket. I'm...
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    Gen1 Fuel Level Sensor

    Hello Gen 1&2 Viper Brother and Sister, As many of us we'll know, most of our Vipers are between 20&25 years old or more. Most of us are facing issues with finding obsolete and discontinued parts. Well I have been able to locate and obtain one part that I myself have been looking for over 2...
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    WTB Gen2 Airbox

    Hello my Viper Bros and Sis, Looking for a OEM Gen 2 Airbox

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