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  1. K

    Way to go Terry!

    Look who showed up on my TV screen yesterday! :headbang:
  2. K

    Finally made it back to the strip

    I finally made it to the strip for only the second time this year. The plan was to make some runs and log air/fuel ratios after loading my new tune. My wife wanted to ride with me so I made a pass and ran an 11.57 at 122.57 mph. Way faster than I have run in the past. On the next run I...
  3. K

    Front License Plate

    If you hate having front plates as much as I do then check this out: Ohio Front Plate Elimination Petition Be sure to pass it on.
  4. K

    First time down the track

    I have an '06 with Belenger exhaust and motons. Everything else stock including the runcraps. My first pass: 60' 1.921 330' 5.200 1/8 7.857 mph 92.94 1000' 10.121 1/4 12.093 mph 114.94 OK, so I missed 4th gear and coasted across the finish. :brick:

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