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    Dodge... FIX YOUR WEBSITE!

    Anyone see what's wrong with this picture? Dodge Viper SRT10 Roadster - Dodge Cars Trucks Minivans SUVs in Canada -
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    Your iPhone and Viper as one...

    Viper Security launches SmartStart iPhone app for well-appointed whips Cool stuff from the Viper car alarm company to protect your Viper.
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    burning smell when WOT

    Lately I've been noticing if I get on it hard for a bit, I smell a burning smell... maybe oil? I can't quite tell. Just changed oil but still smell it. Any ideas?
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    Fix for aging headlight plastic lens

    This is usually Newport's territory... I was sick of looking at my headlight looking cloudy and sandblasted from debris over the years, so I tried Meguiar's PlastX plastic lens polish. Below are the before and after pics. I highly recommend the product. It doesn't make the lens look brand new...
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    Sad Day... Time to sell

    So I have a business opportunity, blah blah blah. You know the drill. I'm hoping to recoup my costs and then some in 6-12 months, so you KNOW getting another Viper will be my first priority then. It's been babied since I got it. Not a garage queen by far, but never abused. Not perfect, but...
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    grrr... can't drive my Viper for a while :(

    So I guess I shouldn't have joked about shooting out anyone's kneecap. I had a bad fall on some rocks, and my left knee got all torn up. Doc was amazed that nothing permanent was damaged, but I will be in some pain and crutches for about a month. :( I guess this is like a short winter...
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    Gas tank puking?

    So I just took a long drive to LosAngeles. Stopped at 2 gas stations and noticed something semi disturbing. Seems like the gas tank puked some gas up and rested in the inner lip of the gas recepticle. It smelled like gas, but it looked reddish-brown, and about 1-2 ounces worth. I soaked it up...
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    how to pop rivets?

    Hate to sound like a noob on this, but how do you pop the rivets on the body panels? I just had my rear quarter panel's fiberglass fixed after a small hit and run. The body shop did a great job restoring the panel, but their inexperience with the Viper shows... the panel isn't on completely...
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    Hit and runners need to DIE!!!

    Parked on the street for 10 minutes. Some idiot probably making a u-turn to check out the Viper and was not paying attention... came back and saw this: It doesn't look too bad... any guesses on what the estimate is? Closest amount gets a prize. :D Am I mad? Yep... but short of catching...
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    squeaky clutch

    My 97 GTS is developing a squeaky clutch. Is this something I can just spray with WD40, or do I need some form of grease to **** it with? Thanks for you help.
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    It's raining in San Francisco...

    ...but I'm just itching to take the snake out. Driven in the rain many times, but first time making a conscious effort to do so. So if you read about a horrific one car red/white Viper pile up in my neck of the woods... probably me. :D *knock on wood* These cars make us stupid sometimes...
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    Steering wheel/interior restore... need help from GA members

    I've been meaning to get my steering wheel redone for a while now, and since the thread from last week about the bad experiences with another company, I went to look around for someone who can do the same. Found a website from a guy in Georgia that specializes in S2000's, Solstices, and...
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    Water in the exhaust...

    Is it normal to have very small amount of water coming out of the exhaust when you're warming the car up in the morning after it's been sitting in the garage for a week? Would hate to think there's a bad gasket. Checked the oil, and all looks fine. Just had a gasket go bad on my daily driver...
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    burning smell at WOT

    Last couple times I've floored it for a quick sprint, I noticed a burning smell right afterwards. Any idea what it might be? Car has been running fine other than that.
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    08 stripes

    Is it my imagination or are the stripes on the 08 thinner than previously?
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    GTS suspension rattle?

    My 97 GTS started picking up a odd rattle when I go over bumps on the front passenger side. Even at 1-2mph going over a 2 inch high rail produces the rattle. Any ideas? Springs? Shocks? Loose brakes? :(
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    Fine... I'll get things started.

    Hi to all in Norcal! Let's have some presence here! Seems like all of the other regions have all of the fun. I read about the snooty winery events we do, but what about the fun stuff? Other than Fred's driving school yearly, where are the track, drag and autocross events? And how about one...
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    arrrgh... mandatory stability control,4670,StableVehicles,00.html 2012... we have 4 more years to enjoy a REAL car. Damn politicians... :mad:
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    Bama Tornados

    OK... another wrong forum post, but for a good reason. In case you haven't heard, Enterprise Alabama got hit with some nasty tornados yesterday. Currently, 8 people have died. A local high school was hit especially hard. I know people in the area and am in the process of trying to contact them...
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    Vipers in Taiwan?

    Anyone know of Viper ownership in Taiwan? I'm here for 2 weeks on business and have not seen one supercar yet... lots of ricers though (pun intended). :D Would love to see one here. -end of wrong topic post :nana:
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    Speaking of off-topic subjects...

    So USAF's thread got moved because it wasn't Gen1-2 related... then why is the schlepping of raffle tickets for an SRT truck in the same forum? Shouldn't that be in the "Driven" section? You guys are doing a great job so far, but you still gotta follow your own rules. :bonker:
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    2006 SRTC = 2000 Gen2?

    With the unveiling of the 600HP Vipers, does that make the 2006 SRTC's the unmentioned stepchild like the 2000 Gen2's? The 2000 year Vipers was a 1 year run with only cosmetic changes except for the lack of forged pistons of the 96-99 models and ABS of the 01-02 models. The 2006 SRTC is a 1 year...
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    Accident and Insurance question...

    As some of you may know, a client of mine backed into my parked GTS over a month ago. He assured me that he's good for the money (he's loaded), and wanted to settle without getting the insurance involved. It took a couple weeks for me to get a quote for repairs, but for hood repair and paint...
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    Ford GT vs Viper

    driven-ML-773880-ML- Ford GT discussion moved to Driven Forum
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    Mosler, F430 and Me...


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