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    How does the 06 speed sensor work?

    Hi all. I am starting to reach the finish line in my cobra replica build (based on a viper SRT-10 2006). I’m using an aftermarket speedometer cluster which operates with a digital 12v input for the speed. My thinking (if I am correct?) is that the stock SRT abs-sensors are used as speed sensors...
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    Re-use of gastank. Possible?

    Hi I build an AC-Cobra replica out of a Viper SRT-10. My plan is to use the original gas tank but get rid of the vacuum canister. Is it possible? If yes, how do I connect it the proper way? I have tested to connect fuel pump outlet to inlet of my fuel rail. I have connected a fuel pressure...
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    Suggestion of killer rims and dimensions.

    Have been driving my rt/10 2001 viper the first summer for 10 years. I have the original rims and tires and feel like there must be something better looking than the original rims..? I’m thinking 19” or maybe more..? can anyone tell which dimensions that fits (example: 19” 10”wide ET=xx, and...
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    Troubleshoot tips. Battery loosing voltage.

    Hi there Have been a proud Viper owner since 2006 when I bought my 2001 RT10 from the US and imported it to my location (Sweden, Europe). I have had a lot of fun with the car and it has never given me any trouble. I have used it only in the summer time from 2006 to 2010 when we got our first...

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