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    2009 Viper codes, Help, Codes: 0043, 0047, 0052, 0261 Airbag Warning light.

    You may have to replace module under passenger seat which is kind of a pain to replace have to pull nuts and bolts then tip it back or pull it out of car.I prefer tipping it back. Good luck there is not much info on these cars. Module is about $170.00
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    Left Headlamp - 2008 SRT-10

    Don Scharff may have one. Pain in the **** to replace but very doable. Just make sure you have the shims if any put back in the same place under the headlight.
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    WTB: 2008-2010 SRT 6-spoke brushed polished OEM wheels

    I had to find my fronts in Canada and one wasn't perfect spent alot for not being perfect they are hard to find in good condition, A set went through Copart on a 2010 but it had front end damage and doubt they didn't get bent, mine had to get straightened so be wary of used wheels without some...
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    Sourcing Obsolete Parts For Gen I and Gen II Vipers

    Call Don Scharf used Viper parts ask for Todd
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    Gen 2 Driveshaft Yoke

    What year?
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    Help with Codes on 1997 Viper GTS

    Check these out this is what I looked up and found hope this helps.:repost: p0107=low voltage to map sensor p1296=air/fuel management control system P1488 Auxiliary 5 Volt Supply Output Too Low ...P1496* 5 Volt Supply, Output Too Low
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    Headlight Lens Covers

    Well you are going to have to buy a used or new headlight assembly the lens is glued to the rest of the assembly from what I see on my 2010 I'm repairing.

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