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    Supercharged Tuning in Alabama?

    Call Todd @ A&C Performance. He is in SoCal but can remote tune anything. That is what he is doing with my UGR TT.
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    Back in a Viper, this time a TT!

    Thanks. I think they make 2 Gen 3 tops and this is the "normal" one. I think the other is low profile. This one allows for a little double bubble effect like the Gen 2 GTS to allow for a helmet or just a little extra headroom.
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    Back in a Viper, this time a TT!

    Yes, it was north of $50k.
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    Back in a Viper, this time a TT!

    Yeah, no problem. It was originally owned by a wealthy business man in North Carolina. He bought the car new and after about a year apparently sent this and a Ford GT to UGR to get the full TT kits done. The TT kit was done at about the 2k mile mark on the car and I purchased it at 4400 or...
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    Back in a Viper, this time a TT!

    I agree. I had a Gen 3 that had a built motor and Paxton but this thing just keeps pulling so effortlessly.
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    Back in a Viper, this time a TT!

    Yes sir! Really changes the look of the car.
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    Back in a Viper, this time a TT!

    Hello all. I left the Viper world after owning 3 Vipers over the years to get a GTR. It was a full bolt on E85 at about 615 AWHP. Fun car and loved ownership. Sold it when we did a corporate move and waited about 6 months to start the hunt again. I went back and forth over a GTR or Viper...
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    AEM Fuel Air Gauge and Bezel

    Still available?
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    Awesome numbers!! Not only does Todd do great work, but he is a good a person as they come. Always goes way above what is expected or what he is compensated for. Great job A&C!! Mike
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    2014 Dodge Viper Paint Correction-Tampa Fl.

    What does something like that normally run price wise? Thanks.
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    Just moved to St. Louis - need help with inspection

    I took a position with a new company and moved to St. Louis and was hoping there was some Viper activity here. I also need help with a Viper friendly inspection as I have a 97 GTS with a Roe, water/****, no cats & no mufflers :headbang:! If anyone could guide me in the right direction it would...
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    Need to know Reputable shop in California!!!

    Call Todd Abrams at A&C Performance in Temecula. Best in the business!! Mike
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    Replacing oxygen sensors, is it actually needed and worth it?

    Yes, I went to have mine tuned and ran into several problems including running rich. Both banks wanted to add fuel when it was not needed.
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    Replacing oxygen sensors, is it actually needed and worth it?

    Just replaced mine from Roe, was definitely needed.
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    paxton prices

    Call Todd @ A&C. Best anywhere.
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    Sean Roe and Dodge OEM Parts

    Did you guys know that Sean is an Authorized Dodge Parts Dealer? Like he has the exact same system that a Dodge dealer would order from. He can see where all the parts are and also expedite shipping and he is MUCH cheaper than anyone else! I was not aware but ordered a part and he saved me...
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    17" Tire Help

    Thanks for the guidance everyone. I am getting some work done to the car before Sean tunes it (thank god he lives 5 miles from me!) but plan on ordering them after I talk to Luke at TireRack. The Toyo's seem to be the best option for until I can get some CCW's.
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    17" Tire Help

    Because the only offering not in a slick like the Hoosiers is the PS2 and Pirelli Pzero. Both are expensive and I am looking for the traction of a drag radial.
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    17" Tire Help

    So I bought a 97 B&W GTS, my 2nd one, and I am looking for some guidance on tire options. Car is Roe supercharged and I live in Florida so while the car will likely not be taken out in the rain, there is always the chance of a sudden rain storm that I might get stuck in. I am not in a position...
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    Hello from New Owner! - 1997 B/W Viper

    Congrats!! I just got mine, also a 97 b/w about a month ago. This is my 3rd Viper and my 2nd 97 b/w. Mine also has to the Venom 500 package along with a Roe supercharger and some other mods. Mine was well documented and I have a copy of the original invoice of the dealer charge for the Venom...
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    A DEAL I just couldn't turn down.

    Congrats Todd!!! Enjoy it. Mike
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    My new to me 2000 GTS and Thanks to A&C

    Todd is the *******!! Congrats.
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    Best machine shop in socal

    Completely agree, call Todd. He can take care of everything.
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    Looking for a twin turbo GTS

    And those right price would be?????

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