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    All ventilation up to windscreen!

    Recently had the centre bezel off around the air controls & radio to replace the radio but when I put the controls back on the heat / vent no matter what position the switch is in sends the air up to the windscreen rather than the floor or face vents. I guess I must have knocked off a wire but...
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    Wheel cap - anyone help a UK member?

    I recently had two new rear tyres fitted on my '94 Gen I RT/10 but on the way home I lost the Viper center cap off the original 3 spoke wheels. I've retraced the route a few times but cannot find it anywhere. :( Knowing how many people upgrade their wheels from stock I was wondering if anyone...
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    Anyone in Camarillo, California?

    I'm wondering whether a local VCA member in Camarillo, California could check out a Gen I crate motor for me. I live in the UK and want to make sure I'm not being ripped off and would like someone to check out the engine is legitimate by going to see the seller. If it's OK then I'll get it sent...
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    Cylinder Liner Clamps (Special Tool 6629)

    I'd like to make a set of Cylinder Liner Clamps (special Tool 6629) for my 94 Viper RT10 which has a blown motor at the moment. Does anyone have a pattern or a set that they could measure and provide me with some dimensions? Thanks Nigel (UK)

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