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    Tail of the Dragon 2014

    Who's going this year and what are the dates. This will be my 4 year attending. This is a must do event!!!!
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    White SRT-10 with my new C7 Z51 White

    Here is my new baby with her big sister!!!!! Going to be adding some more power to the Viper and the Vette is next!!
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    New Gen4 American Racing headers

    Just listed a set of American racing headers for a Gen4. Brand new and never installed. I was going to do a Mopar upgrade but just purchased a MY 2014 C7. So I'm going a different route on my 04 Viper. I will be sending my heads out too GG and installing RR 710 cam so I will need Gen3 headers.
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    What's up with VPA

    Called two days ago to purchase the Mopar upgrade and still no return phone call. Guess they don't need my cash:rolleyes:
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    Looking for Gen4 fuel pump

    My engine will be sent out soon so I'm looking for a Gen4 fuel pump and a set of headers. Anyone
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    Video (Wanna Go Fast) Viper VS AC Cobra

    The Cobra takes me of the line but I get him in the half. Trap speed for the Cobra 123MPH Viper 143MPH.
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    Video (wanna go fast) smoking a Roush Mustang

    Enjoy look at 3rd post
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    Wanna Go Fast

    It's almost here (Clayton GA) I will be going NA this year. I hope too hit 165 MPH in the half mile. Z06 Vettes are trapping 160ish. Who else's is going to this event.
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    Would like a catch can

    Does anyone make this or do I have to make my own. Oil pressure was dropping so I did a oil change and measured the old oil and only had 9.5 quarts in the pan. No oil leaks and I do the changes and always put 11 quarts of oil in. Thanks.
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    10g to spend on winter project (engine)

    Ok so I have $10g to spend on my engine this winter. My car now has 43k miles. It also has, Corsa 3 inch exhaust, RT high flo cats, 355 rear, aluminum flywheel, I would like some were in the 600 rwhp range. What would you guys do? All engine build would be nice!!!!!
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    Wanted Gen3/Gen4 rear shocks

    Looking for a used or new set of rear gen3/4 rear shocks. I also would need the lower shock forks. Thanks Shawn.
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    The fast and the furious 6 (Gen 5 ACR?)

    Looks like a fun game. Is that the new ACR in the game. Can some one post the pic.
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    I found the non stripe GTS LE

    It's on the trader $10k off wow.
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    Any one need stock Gen 3 cats?

    Free you pay shipping. Doing spring cleaning. Pay it forward.
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    First review (Vipair coil overs)

    This will be short as I'm still trying to set them up to my liking. 1 The build quality looks amazing. 2 I drove my Viper today and the car feels more planted to the ground. Aprox 45 miles. 3 The car defiantly drives better then the stock shocks. 4 $1500 best **** for your $$$$$$ Now the...
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    Weight of gen III parts

    Ok so my car is going on a diet and here is the weight of some of the parts I have removed. 9.6 lbs Front Shock 11.8 lbs Rear Shock 30 lbs Flywheel 47 lbs Front Wheel (six spoke with PS2) 56.6 lbs Rear Wheel (six spoke with PS2) 8.4 lbs Crossover pipe 13 lbs cats 38.4 Hood (Gen III)...
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    I had a peek at the service manual today

    Is it true that the rear Knuckel is the same as 04/10 just reversed drivers to passenger side. And this was from a Viper tech.
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    Just picked up my 2013 Ram with the new Uconnect and you guys are going to love it in the Viper!!!!. You can use your smart phone to unlock your doors remote start and if some one does steel your new Viper the cops will shut her down for you. The only problem is there is no apps available yet...
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    Am I wrong but???

    Would a Gen V body fit on a Gen III-IV. looks like SRT hasn't changed much under the car. :eater:
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    This is strange

    So I removed my diff tonight and noticed the large dent is this normal?
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    Help with re instal of ******

    Ok so I have the new flywheel installed and for some reason the ****** will not go all the way in. It slides in but the last inch it just stops. It feels like it hitting something. Any help would be great!!! Thanks Shawn
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    Helo Viper Buh bye Corvette ( motor trend)

    Has any one red the article yet.
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    Winter fun Mods (what are you doing)

    And so it begins. Im installing a aluminum fly wheel 355 gears new clutch+and slave. I installed the new clutch lines and resevoir and it wasnt fun:mad:. Tonight i will drop the diff hope that goes better:).
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    White Mamba no more

    Finally painted the hood and front bumper enjoy.:)
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    Changing plans

    Ok so I started to change the look of my white mamba. I now have a carbon fiber hood carbon fiber tunneau cover and was waiting on a carbon fiber bumber and carbon rear but looks like that's never going to happen. My next choice is to have my front bumper painted black/white (ACR) look. Did a...

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