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    Dose any know ?

    Any idea What Helicopter that is ? pic was taken yesterday at a charity Day on The Top Gear Track
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    chin guard

    went to a top speed day on sunday at woodbridge airfield ,suffolk,uk. my aim was to get 180 in a standing mile ,after all the work that has been done to the car,managed it! just:omg:180.1 but my chin guard isn't rated to that speed :(
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    windsheild sticker

    like to thank neil at for the new decal .you got to be pleased with that!!!
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    clutch questions

    burnt out my standard at the weekend doing a 1/4 mile at santa pod :omg:,low down is replace with standard clutch and fly wheel or go after market? i,m running gts 2002 with a 5lb pullie on a roe blower , around 550 bhp :2tu:any surgestions??:dunno:the car had 4000 on it before the blower went...
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    thanks to chuck

    well its finaly out in the open :D my new 2002 gts was unvailed today at silverstone , it has been a secret for over 5 months .i just want to thank chuck for all his hard work fitting the roe charger ,daves big break upgrade and all the other little bits he has done for me,especially after the...

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