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    2008 Low rpm Sputter

    2008 with mopar pcm, high flow cats, catch can and corsa exhaust. Around the 1800-2200 rpm mark the car sputters for a bit then goes, more in light to mid throttle applications. It seems like a misfire, but no codes are being thrown. Spark plug wires and plugs was changed last year, the car...
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    Suspension/Brake Cam @ VIR
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    Someone has miss spelled forums wrong

    In the red bar above.
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    VIR Sept 8-9 Downforce Gauge I Created with Dashware.
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    Gen 4 slow start, rough idle sometimes Fixed! Thanks to Arrow

    My 08 since ive had it and since new after talking to the previous owner, has been at times slow to start (it would take a few extra cranks sometimes), and has had a dropping/rough idle at times. After talking to lee carducci last month he suggested the cam position sensor, on some earlier...
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    Safety Harness and Rollcage Questions.

    One of our track buddies recently gave me a set of harnesses. Ive been debating on where to install them or not yet. Not to scare anyone but from what i understand, the basilar skull fracture, which is possibly the worst racing injury to worry about other than fire, is the reason the hans device...
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    Mid Ohio 10+ Vipers May 28-29th

    Excellent event had a great time, and what a group of vipers. Comp Coupe, a Few ACRx's, a few gen 4s' a few gen 3's, a few gen2 gts's.
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    Chin Motorsports Mid Ohio!!

    Ill be there and couldnt help but notice 4 other vipers registered, anyone on here?
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    Mid Ohio NASA 4/13-4/15

    Just wondering if anyone is going?
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    Brake Booster Check Valve, Loss of Power Brakes

    I know a few people on track at very high speeds have complained about the feeling of losing power brakes , myself being one. Maybe its a lost of vacuum, abs system, or maybe this check valve. I did the service manual vacuum leak test on the brake booster and everything checked out fine, no...
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    Vipair splitter and wing

    Ive got to say these products seem top notch, just like steve. Steve has been great to deal with answered tons of questions, and is very knowledgeable. I seem to forget what time zone he is in most of the time and call in the morning here, always answers, and possibly once called me back in 5...
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    Idle Problem

    2008 Coupe, Mopar PCM, Corsa Exhaust. When car is up to temp and just sitting, the rpms drop to about 500 then back up, over and over, if i touch the gas pedal and bring it down slowly it will idle normal. No check engine lights, or codes???
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    Oil on Spark Plug Threads

    2008 srt coupe, I was changing plugs today and the rear passenger side plug had some oil/on the threads of the spark plug. The ends of the plugs look as good as the others. Any suggestions?
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    Sway link connected vs disconnected results.

    Bob Woodhouse suggested i try corner balancing the car with both sway links unhooked and hooked. No adjustments was made other than disconnecting the links rolling off and back on the scales and reweighing. New scales are intercomp sw787 with this cool raceweight software. Im gonna go out on a...
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    Gen 4 Oil In Oil/Air Seperator after light drive.

    Installed DC Performance oil/air seperator a few weeks ago. Took the car out for a spin, about a 20 mins ride, a few hard brakes to show my wife how well these brakeman pads work, other than that a pretty slow normal drive, as its been very cold here. Took the seperator apart and this is what i...
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    Gen V Traction Control VS ESC

    I just read a massive part of 49 CFR Parts 571 & 585 number 126, (not all of it because is its 327 pages long) which is the government mandated Electronic stablity control, you will be able to turn this off if you would like, but it will turn back on after every ignition restart. Section 10a...
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    Track rats chime in. Corner balance car today. See if this looks good.

    My auto x buddy Judd brought over his scales and help me today. Those rotors and mt dew was within 10 pounds of my weight. Go figure. My question i guess is does the 2nd photo look ok. Start. Finished.
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    Motion Control Suspension (MCS) Install and other items

    Suspension arrived yesterday from Mark Jorgensen, mounts from Nader , the finish and quality of these dampers look superb. The mounts are super nice also. Install went pretty good took me about 10-12 hours by myself including new brake pads, rotors, ebrake pads, flushing brake fluid. Ive got to...
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    Some Track Photos

    Here are some photos from VIR
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    As always thanks again!!!!

    Stickers, ebrake pads, and what ever else ive ordered, lately.
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    2008 Alignment Checked with new Hawkeye machine. Thoughts

    Here is the alignment, seems like the front camber is stock? Waiting on new suspension just though i would get a baseline on the factory settings. Any input would be great mark chime in when u get time...
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    Randy Pobst In my Viper At VIR

    Ran into Randy Pobst at the gas pumps at VIR the next day here we are. & less exciting to watch one of mine
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    VIR Nov, 14/15 Anyone going?

    Hey i'll be at VIR monday and tuesday 14/15th running the full course monday and the grand course tuesday. Anyone live near there stop by.
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    Wheel/tire weights Sidewinders vs H Spokes

    Was out preping car for VIR next week. Greasing **** fittings and decided to weight wheels. Yes winter is coming, and im all ready getting bored. Sidewinders Fronts Rims: 16.2 Lbs With PS2: 42.2 Lbs Rears Rims:24.2 With PS2: 57.2 Lbs H-Spokes: Fronts Rims:26.6 With PS2: 52.6 Rears Rims:33.4...

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