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  1. Dr. Pepper

    Hood paint cracks

    I have a couple of cracks in the hood paint on my 94 RT/10, probably caused by the previous owner not shutting it properly. The cracks are hard to see unless you look at it from a certain angle. Has anyone had a clear bra installed on the hood to keep the cracks from getting worse? Seems like...
  2. Dr. Pepper

    Viper values

    I just read an article from an investment club (The Oxford Club) that stated the 1992 - 2012 Vipers are one of the top three future classic cars to invest in (the other two are the Mazda RX-7 MD and the Acura NSX). Apparently, millennials are more drawn to the Vipers than the older muscle cars...
  3. Dr. Pepper

    94 Viper starts, dies, but then starts and runs great

    Have a 94 RT10 with 15K miles. Ever since I've had it (about 6 years), when cold, it always cranks for about 7 to 8 seconds (I don't touch the gas pedal), then starts but immediately dies if I don't carefully feather the gas. If it dies, it will then start right up and run fine after that. I've...
  4. Dr. Pepper

    Ignition switch wire color?

    I'm installing a start button in my 94 and want it wired so you will turn the key on and then push the start button to start the car. You will also still be able to start it by just turning the key should the button ever fail. I did this to my 65 Mustang but the wiring was much easier to trace...
  5. Dr. Pepper

    94 custom seats and console

    Saw this neat interior in a 93 Viper but the current owner doesn't know where it came from. Anyone know??
  6. Dr. Pepper

    1994 driver's kick panel

    I've fixed my headlight switch, fabricated my own driver's seat lowering brackets, and replaced the coolant temperature lamp sensor (the project from **** !....) (all were previous threads). Thanks to those of you who offered suggestions. Now I would like to figure out a way to not destroy...
  7. Dr. Pepper

    What does 94 engine temp sensor do??

    Sometimes I think that if I didn't have bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck............I've spent all week trying to remove the original temperature lamp sensor that activates the ENGINE light in the dash. It is the single wire one that screws into the front of the cylinder head just below the...
  8. Dr. Pepper

    coolant fill using Airlift 55000

    Just bought the Airlift 55000 to fill my 94 RT10's cooling system (drained it to replace a sensor). Couldn't get all the air pockets out before- even after following all the burping instructions from several people....Now that the radiator, most of the block and the pressurized coolant...
  9. Dr. Pepper

    94 Radiator drain plug and flush

    Seen quite a few old threads on coolant drain/fill procedures but wondered what the latest opinions are. First- maybe a dumb question but I assume the hex head radiator drain plug unscrews counterclockwise like a typical plug would but want to make sure it isn't some weird reverse thread since...
  10. Dr. Pepper

    Gen 1 owners in So Colo

    Are there any other Gen 1 owners in the Colorado Springs, Pueblo area??????
  11. Dr. Pepper

    Need 94 fan relay part #

    Does anyone have a NAPA or ? part number for a 94 radiator fan relay? The Dodge dealer said it is discontinued (old part # 5252521) and NAPA couldn't cross reference the number or find anything in their books..........thanks
  12. Dr. Pepper

    ENGINE light comes on (not the "check engine" light

    Just bought my 94 Viper (15K miles) and when the temp gauge gets just above the 3rd mark at 190, the red "ENGINE" light comes on and won't go off until you turn the ignition off. This is different from and not the "CHECK ENGINE" light! The owner's manual says this light signals that the...
  13. Dr. Pepper

    94 Viper coolant overflow tank

    My next project for my recently purchased 94 Viper is to purge the air pockets out of the cooling system after JonB at ViperPartsRack gave me detailed instructions (great guy). Question is: has any one been able to reach through the round access hole in the front of the fender well (in front...
  14. Dr. Pepper

    No dash, parking or taillights followup

    Bought a new headlight switch and got the original out. The original switch looks fine but the red plastic cover on the end of the plug of the wiring harness that plugs into the headlight switch is a little melted and one of the contact points looks like it came apart. Can the wires be...
  15. Dr. Pepper

    No dash or tail lights

    Got my old Clifford alarm system removed so now my next issue. I don't have any dash lights, parking lights or taillights. Headlights, fog lights, interior dome(rear view mirror) lights all work. I checked the fuse box and all fuses are good. (The problem lights didn't work before I removed...
  16. Dr. Pepper

    Gen 1 seat lowering kit

    I need to lower the driver's seat in my 94 Viper. I've seen 2" non adjustable seat lowering kits (which I need since I'm 6'3') that cost $200-$400. That seems very expensive for what you get. Wondered if anyone has built their own lowering brackets? thanks
  17. Dr. Pepper

    Clifford Alarm System

    I just bought my first Viper- a 94 RT 10 with 15k miles. While going through the car I discovered it had a Clifford Intelliguard 800-IQ alarm system installed- probably back in 94 or so according to Clifford. There is no remote for it and I would like to remove the system. I traced some wires...

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