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    Where to buy ECU/Computer for 1997 Viper?

    I have a '96 PCM originally purchased from Roe Racing laying around somewhere. I ran it in my '01 for a while and it would work fine in your '97. $400 plus shipping if you are interested.
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    Some Vipers will be auctioned at Barrett Jackson ,including this 09 ACR

    And the bidder passes come with 10 free drinks a day per pass, so it's not like your just p!ssing your money away (or maybe it is). :D
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    Largest wheel tire combo for Gen 2 RT?

    What matters is the tire diameter not the wheel diameter. Factory tires are around 26". Once the tires get to around 28" on the back you can have rubbing issues on 'some' Gen2s, but not all. The Gen3 fits a 28" tire on the back with no problem. You can run a 19/19 or 19/20, just keep an...
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    Enamel Engine RT/10 or GTS?

    I am not exactly sure what you mean by engine enamel, but I had my engine painted using the same factory paint as is used on the body so that the color match would be perfect as it was difficult to match using yellow powder coat. I was told that as long as you don't apply a clearcoat over it...
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    '09 coupe for sale

    I can vouche for how Cobraken takes care of his cars. I haven't seen this particular car, but his other cars that I have seen (2 Vipers and an SRT10 Truck) have basically been kept in showroom condition as he is a true car enthusiast who doesn't beat on his cars. He's a straightup guy and I...
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    Help! Idle drops low when stopped, occasionally dies.

    I should probably mention that this throttle stop is to synchronize the opening of the 2 TBs. One (drivers side I think) should open just before the other. If you mess with it, mark it so that you can get it back to where it was if you should need to.
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    Help! Idle drops low when stopped, occasionally dies.

    Weak battery might cause this. I would reset your PCM and let it relearn the TPS range. You can do this by removing the 3 large connectors on the PCM and letting it sit for a few minutes. Reconnect them and turn the key to ON (engine off) and depress the throttle a couple of times slowly to...
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    Oh for god sakes

    The Gen IV's made 624 on the engine dyno during a presidents meeting before the Gen IV was released. Obviously there is some variance from engine to engine, but I think it is safe to say that the Gen V will make more that 16HP more than the Gen IV. As for the old muscle car engines, how many...
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    Need help/advice ASAP. Re: Valve cover corrosion

    Make sure that he knows the valve covers are magnesium and not aluminum in case that affects his decisions on primer, etc. I personally just had mine painted with the same Dodge paint used on the car so that the color match would be perfect and after 4 years or so, they still look like new.
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    Harland Sharp DIY

    BTW..... Nice looking engine :D
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    Harland Sharp DIY

    I used 7.5" long pushrods which I measured for. If you were basically getting a little drag on the pushrods with that preset you might be fine. I just don't know how much variability there is between cylinders. As for the performance gain, I also changed my springs to lighter beehive springs at...
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    Harland Sharp DIY

    Those directions are a little different than the ones I had about a year ago with my H&S and which are the ones still shown up on the H&S website. The main difference is that the directions you got state that the initial cup preset off the engine is setting the 'zero lash' where-as they did not...
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    Harland Sharp DIY

    So it looks like you adjusted lash by setting every rocker to the same physical setup based on turns of the adjuster cup. Typically you would set the lash by tightening the cup until drag can be felt on the pushrod while you are turning it (that defines zero lash, not turns on the adjuster cup...
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    800HP V10 crate engine, 650HP bolt-on kit for Gen III's, announced today

    I was told that during the VCA presidents meeting when they toured the as-of-then then unreleased Gen IV engine dyno area, the engine they were dyno'ing at the time was putting down 624hp which would jive with Dan's numbers above.
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    Show me your 20/20 set ups on Eibacks and lowering Caps.

    John Purner at CCW told me they had quite a few problems with people mounting the 28" tall PS2 tires on their 20"s on the Gen IIs and run into rubbing problems at stock height, but it was a hit or miss type of thing.
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    New to me 2002 GTS, question....

    LifeIsGood, I have the exact same exhaust system as you on my '01. I just installed a set of DC Performance quick fire O2 sensors about a month ago and it fixed my O2 sensor check engine light issue just fine.
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    Wondering wich supercharger is louder??

    You can go with the 5lb or go up to 6.5lb if you run water/methanol. I have the 6.5lb and have run it since that system came out with no issues (other than tuning). No matter what, with cast pistons you have to keep an eye on the tune and make sure that your A/F stays in the safe zone. Some...
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    Where's the video of the '10 Nurburgring run???

    Unfortunately, all the news outlets have already run the story and everyone has already discounted it on all the auto forums because there was no proof given to support it. Releasing a video now will only get a small fraction of the press I would think. Opportunity mostly lost in my opinion.
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    Misfire Unsupported in '96 PCM?

    I am running a '96 PCM in my '01 GTS in order to get it through DEQ. My '01 PCM has a modified program in it and it always has a check engine light on (thinks it has a bad program in it) so I can't go through DEQ with it. I have never had a problem before going through DEQ with the '96 PCM but...
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    NOS OCTANE BOOSTER... Who uses it?

    Correct, no benefit unless you are experiencing knock or spark ****** due to knock. I have used Torco Accelerator and can attest that it works very well. The NOS brand uses the same MMT compound for octane increase so should work similarly well I would guess. MMT will leave orange manganese...
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    dissed again :(

    We can't really complain if we don't make a 2011 list when we don't have a 2011 car. :confused: The world should be right again in 2012. :D
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    Spark Plug Experiment

    I think you are thinking about Platinum plugs. There is no problem with iridium plugs in boosted Vipers. I have been running NGK iridiums for several years now. The NGK iridiums run smoother than the RC10ECC that I tried on my car. I'll be interested to hear how these perform.
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    Engine Bay pictures.. Post up.

    I'll add mine to the mix.
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    Engine Question

    You can just divide inch pounds by 12 to get foot pounds if you have a ft/lb torque wrench that will go that low (8 ft/lb). You could also just go around and snug them all down by hand using a screwdriver handle with a Torx bit. You won't overtighten them that way.
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    a little story about my trans mount

    I have wondered if the drive-shaft hoop is actually of use once the belly pan is in place. Doesn't it serve to prevent the shaft from dropping down just like the hoop?

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