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    Need a good Sneaky Pete Logo

    I did a search but the methods suggested like down loading from "brands of the world" puts it in a format I can't open. This is the one I like: Viper logo | Best Brands of the World Does any one have a sneaky pete logo similar to the above in a jpg or more common format? If so please...
  2. J

    Can I extend the "stone shield" plate to cover my diff

    I am converting to side exhaust and while thinking about my options to cover the rear exhaust hole I am considering putting a piece of aluminum sheet extending from the stock plate under the transmission to the rear bumper fascia (mounted to the bottom of the frame). I am hoping it will...
  3. J

    Getting multiple cylinder mis fire code

    I have a 2000 GTS, essentially stock motor with 18000 miles on it. My check engine light came on and I took it to the dealer as I have an extended warranty. Code P0300 (multiple cylinder mis fire) came up and the tech said he found corroded 2,6, and 7 plugs and wire terminals. Replaced plugs...
  4. J

    Anyone know the weight of a stock pressure plate?

    I am looking for the approximate weight of a gen 2 stock pressure plate. Can't find it anywhere. Does anyone happen to know?
  5. J

    StopTech brakes just installed; having problems

    I purchased a StopTech four wheel brake kit from John B. back in early January but have not had a chance to install it until two days ago. I installed it Thursday and Friday night and was excited to take it out this morning (Saturday) to bed the pads and see how it performed. Everything went...
  6. J

    Are PS2's unidirectional?

    While installing a big brake kit I just noticed that my relatively new Michelin PS2's appear to be unidirectional and it looks like I have four lefts or four right tires (the tread curves in opposite directions on the right and left tires). I am trying to confirm if the vendor that sold me...
  7. J

    Clutch fluid leak; what could it be and where should I take it?

    I was pulling my car (2000 GTS) from one garage bay to another in preparation of installing a new big brake kit and as I was coming to a stop, I pushed the clutch in to take it out of gear and apply the brakes and the clutch did not disengage. I had my foot firmly on the brakes so the motor...
  8. J

    Brake pad recommendations

    I recently purchased a 4 wheel StopTech Big brake kit (355 mm front rotors, 328 mm rear, 4 piston calipers) which comes with Axxis ULT pads that are recommended for aggressive street and autocross. Ideally, I want something that I could use for road course track events and occasional street use...
  9. J

    Motive pressure brake bleeder; Any Good?

    I have read some old threads on the Motive brake bleeder and there was some concern of the adapter not sealing well on the master cylinder. Someone recommended a Ford 3 prong cap and claimed that took care of the issue. I have a 2000 GTS with stock master cylinder. Does anyone have any...
  10. J

    Forgeline Wheels; great customer service

    Just wanted to report a positive experience with Forgeline Wheels. After researching the major wheel companies I found fewer negative comments about Forgeline than the others. Consequently, I ordered a set of SP3P wheels (20x13 rear and 19x10.5 fronts) with PS2 rubber. I wanted something a...
  11. J

    Forgeline wheels finally arrived

    I picked up my new Forgeline SP3P’s 20x13 rear and 19x10.5 fronts with Michelin PS2’s 335-30-20 and 285-35-19 from Fed Ex earlier in the week but didn’t have time to mount them until today. I tried to do something a little different with the color but it didn’t turn out as well as I...

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