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    Back in a Viper, this time a TT!

    Hello all. I left the Viper world after owning 3 Vipers over the years to get a GTR. It was a full bolt on E85 at about 615 AWHP. Fun car and loved ownership. Sold it when we did a corporate move and waited about 6 months to start the hunt again. I went back and forth over a GTR or Viper...
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    Just moved to St. Louis - need help with inspection

    I took a position with a new company and moved to St. Louis and was hoping there was some Viper activity here. I also need help with a Viper friendly inspection as I have a 97 GTS with a Roe, water/****, no cats & no mufflers :headbang:! If anyone could guide me in the right direction it would...
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    Sean Roe and Dodge OEM Parts

    Did you guys know that Sean is an Authorized Dodge Parts Dealer? Like he has the exact same system that a Dodge dealer would order from. He can see where all the parts are and also expedite shipping and he is MUCH cheaper than anyone else! I was not aware but ordered a part and he saved me...
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    17" Tire Help

    So I bought a 97 B&W GTS, my 2nd one, and I am looking for some guidance on tire options. Car is Roe supercharged and I live in Florida so while the car will likely not be taken out in the rain, there is always the chance of a sudden rain storm that I might get stuck in. I am not in a position...
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    My 2003 Built & Blown 898 RWHP is in classifieds

    898 RWHP Supercharged & Built SRT10 - ViperClub Classifieds 2003 Dodge Viper SRT-10 Silver with black top and graphite VCA Edition stripes Just turned 12,ooo miles Fully built motor by DC Performance and Exotic Engines – all forged internals Paxton Supercharger – satin finish BBK Throttle Body...
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    Denver Guys - Need Help!

    I am looking at a car in Denver and would like to know if someone could stop and check it out for me. Looking to move on this quickly and hoping someone can swing by today or tomorrow. The car is located off Leetsdale Drive southeast of downtown. Please call me on my cell @ 951-375-9552 if...
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    Open trailering a GTS..w/ car cover???

    We are moving from Socal to Austin and I will be towing my 97 GTS behind my Yukon Denali on a rented open trailer. We are going to drive straight through so I wont have to leave it in a hotel parking lot but I had a question. I am thinking there is no way that I could have the stock GTS car...
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    Thinking of going from Roe to Paxton...Anyone else??

    I have a 97 GTS that has some normal mods and a Roe Blower. It has an 8lb pulley now and puts down really good power of 683rwhp and 725rwtq. However, the insanity of wanting more power exists but I am not financially ready to do a full on twin turbo build (also the Roe is not legal in CA and i...
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    Great Service from A&C Performance

    I just wanted to post up about the exceptional service that I got from Todd and Mike @ A&C performance in Southern California. I just recently moved to SoCal and had a an oil leak. I took it to A&C in Murrieta CA which was about 50 miles from my house because I had heard great things about...
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    AB is Da Man!!

    I just wanted to post up about the great service that I got from AB (Adam) when I ordered his wires. I sent him a pm, asked if I could pay by check, he pm'd me back and I ordered the wires and sent the check. I had the MSD's from when I put my Roe on about a year ago. One of them had burnt...
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    For those that have moved to CA

    My company is considering moving me to Huntington Beach from Houston. Aside from the cost of living, I am worried about bringing my Viper. It is Roe blown and has no cats and one set of Dynomax bullets. I know that will not pass emmissions, but what else other than high flow cats (if those...
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    17" Drag Radial options???

    17\" Drag Radial options??? I have a 97 GTS with the stock 17" wheels. I have been getting more involved in drag racing and wanted some tire opinions. I have a Roe Blower with 8lb and normal bolt ons (about 650/700). I have an appointment with PBJ at the end of the month to add a small shot...
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    Anyone know what happened to TNT?

    I tried calling TNT Motorsports here in Houston for the last few weeks, and their number is no longer working. Anyone know what happened?
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    Adding Nitrous to Roe Blower?

    What do you guys think about adding nitrous to a Roe supercharged Viper? I have a 97 GTS with headers, no cats, Dynomax mufflers (one in each sill then pipes staight back), aluminum flywheel, tubes and filters and am running 8 lb Roe. I can add rockers and 70mm throttle bodies or go with like...
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    Just got Roe supercharged..questions

    First of all, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! :headbang: She put down 602rwhp and 632rwtq. I will try to get some pics up tomorrow. Thank you David Weaver, Cody, and Cameron of A.R.T. My questions are: 1. Does your supercharged car make significantly more exhaust noise (especially the popping on...
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    Tomorrow I will be BLOWN!!!

    Tomorrow I pick up my baby from David Weaver @ A.R.T. :headbang: He added a Roe blower with an 8# pulley and a new fuel pump. I already have smooth tubes/filters, headers, Borla exhaust, high flow cats, alum flywheel, and B&M shifter. I have about a 2 1/2 hr drive back to Houston and...
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    Proud New Owner

    I am a proud new owner of a 1997 Blue and White GTS. Great condition with all the right mods, see below. Has only 15,400 miles and runs, looks and sounds great!!! The headers and exhaust sound incredible. Thank you to all the members for tons of info and help during my search. My wife and I...
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    Questions about tracked cars

    Guys, I have been wanting a viper for some time and found one that I thought was clean but it has been tracked. I am looking for your expert opinions on what you would do. The car is a 96 Blue/White w/30k miles. It had an Arrow rebuild @ 17k miles, power steering pumps twice,has a roll cage...
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    Could someone with a Carfax account please e-mail me a report on the following car? Hopefully this will be the one if all is clean. VIN# 1B3ER69E0WV400621 Please e-mail to [email protected] Thank you very much, Mike
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    CARFAX Please!!!!

    Could someone please run a carfax for me?? 1B3ER69E91V704054 Thank you very much in advance!! Mike
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    About to be a new owner ???'s

    About to be a new owner ???\'s I am hopefully wrapping up a transaction that will make me a Viper owner by the end of the week. It is a stock 98 Silver with Blue Stripes GTS with 30k miles. I feel like the miles are a little higher than I would prefer but I am hopefully getting it at a great...

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