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  1. Dean '01 GTS

    Key Fobs

    Hey everyone, I picked up a 2008 SRT-10 in January, it's got the key, and key fob. I'm a CPA and it's tax season so my word is insane and I have not had a chance to enjoy the car or do much more than get a battery tender on it. I have a question, What does the key fob do? Every internet...
  2. Dean '01 GTS

    2008 SR-10 Mods

    Hey Everyone - I picked up an 2008 with 29K miles. Only modification is the radio. Where should I start looking for performance modifications? I'm not trying to get to a million HP, but I'm sure there are some common sense upgrades to be had. Thanks!
  3. Dean '01 GTS

    New guy, just getting back in

    Back in the day I had a 2001 GTS, mostly a promotion thing, I sold it a few months after getting it. Last week a 2008 SR-10 I ordered was delivered.
  4. Dean '01 GTS


    Hey guys, I have a 2001 GTs that is driven very rarely, what is everyone else doing for insurance, Allstate is eating my lunch. Any input is apprecieated, thanks!!!!!
  5. Dean '01 GTS

    Looking for place to get tires

    Hey guys, I am a new user/GTS owner, 01 model. I have had performance cars all my life, but last night I went to get on about my business in the Viper and spun out, scratched a rim, and now have to replace tires in the front. I figure it best to replace both (car has 20K miles on it). Where...

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