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    This damn alarm is driving me nuts!!!!

    Lately in the middle of the night the damn alarm goes off for no apparant reason. Sometimes after turning it off and resetting it, it will go off again, sometimes not. Then in the morning when I unlock the car with the key fob the alarm goes off again. WTH is going on with this???? Getting woke...
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    Window prob

    When the pass window gets to the top it makes a growling noise I guess you would call it from inside the door. Up or down dosent matter but only does it when almost all teh way at the top. Thought it was just the rubber being dry but even when the door is opened it does it. Almost seems like the...
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    MORE problems......

    This car is starting to become a pain in my ***... Loosing oil pressure beginning at 4k rpm. No visable oil anywhere and none on driveway... One thing right after another with this car all of a sudden. :mad::mad::mad:
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    Problems...problems... problems...

    Check engine light came on then the little lightning bolt looking light cam eon. Strated flashign and car went into limp mode. SHut car down for a bit. Started it back up, no lights, ran normal. Now for the past few days the damn alarm just goes off for no reason. :mad::mad::mad::mad:
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    08 coupe rear window problem

    dealership bound 2morrow... hopefully easy fix.. over-n-out...
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    EuroSunday 9-28-08 Granite bay

    Whos going? Meet at Peet's Coffee then a drive to a Rally 4 kids show at Granite Bay Country Club. $25.00 entry fee.
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    Whos got the pic of the girls in the trunk?

    Of the van coming back from Belle Isle????
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    Celebrating VOI banner

    Got an email this morning about ordering these. $125.00 Remember “Snake, Rumble & Roll”? How about “Viva Las Vegas”? Or maybe your memories extend all the way back to the first Viper Owners Invitational in Detroit in 1994. Now you can relive all those great Invitationals with this VOI...
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    eBay Motors: 1996 INDY 500 DODGE VIPER GTS PACE CAR BILLBOARD (item 140267143779 end time Sep-21-08 10:14:12 PDT) Talked to the seller and he said reserve is 1500.00
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    So when will the final batches of mailings go out for reg people? I believe I was told first week in Aug. And what does it include?
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    New classified ad lookign for ***** for viper pinball machine

    Need a new or lightly used set of 4 glow ***** for the viper night drivin pinball machine. Also need the cones that fit on the light poles that point at the racoons. thanks...
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    *** are these Viper windshileds made of? Tissue paper?

    Was washing the inside of my windshield this morning and my watch must have come in contact with it leaving a 3inch scratch. Scratch is extreamly shallow. Anyone have any ideas how to remove this? :crazy2:
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    Needing one of these interior snap do hickeys.

    Knoticed a funny noise today coming from behind the pasangers seat when I'd hit a bump and whatnot. Looked around in the trunk and found one of the plastic snap things (no clue what you'd call it) was busted. Must have broke it when i was cleaning. SO.... anyone have a part number or something...
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    Someone over at VCA headquarters asleep at the wheel?

    Havent recieved any of my Venom membership paperwork, card, Venom badge, nada. Registered myself and girlfriend for VOI10 awhile back and today a membership card, a metal VCA tag, sticker, and paperwork showed up FOR MY GIRLFRIEND. *** is up with that ****? VCA#24276
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    AutoArt Diecasts 1:18

    Looking for the #33 Zakspeed team car winner 24Hr Nurburgring 2001. Also the #51 2000 Le Mans winner. Thanks.
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    Whos good with a computer/designing?

    Looking to have a lighted sign made and need some designs/ideas to put on it. Its a 20" circle space and would like to have something done that kinda goes allong with my SSG/black striped Viper.
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    SSG touch up paint

    where can i score some? Dont need it now but might in the future...
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    2008 problem...

    drove the car about 3 miles, parked had lunch. Came out and now the check engine light is on. Have an appointment for tuesday for exhaust change, guess they'll have something else to figure out aswell. Car runs normal. Any way of finding out what code is gettin tossed up??
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    I'm about 40 miles north of Sacramento, anyone else around???
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    New here

    Picked up an 08 in march in VA and drove it home to Cali.

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