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    2015 calibration Arrow Racing PCM ready for delivery!

    Can you PM me on pricing for a 15 Gen5. Also can you send in the Gen5 for a re flash?.
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    14 SRT Viper TA FOR SALE!

    **** yeah that's one fine car. Good luck with the sale cause if I didn't just buy my Y orange I would be all over your car. :headbang:
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    All who said "no" are u now saying yes?

    Just pulled the trigger on a 15 Y Orange. Couldn't pass on the deal or the fact that you can now mod the Viper. Was looking at the Z06 but decided too keep my C7 Z51 and this new 15 Gen 5. :headbang:
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    Challenger Hellcat gets 707HP!

    I like the way your thinking. All the other brands do this now why not the Viper.
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    Massive GM Recall = One Good Reason to get a Viper instead of a Vette

    PeerBlock can you please tell me what other cars you drive. Something tells me that your Gen5 is your daily driver.
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    Massive GM Recall = One Good Reason to get a Viper instead of a Vette

    Why not own both cars. Did someone forget the air bag recall.
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    Anybody Have The Scoop On.The 2015/2016 Viper??????

    Wow is all I can say First the C7 Z06 does not have a air cooler. Get your facts Second I have 5400 miles on my blown C7 with no issue great tuner Third have you heard about the valves letting go on the Gen5s ? Do some more research some can't make it 50 miles
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    Anybody Have The Scoop On.The 2015/2016 Viper??????

    He'll my C7 is already pushing 591 RWHP and that's just a start. mY 2016 C7 Z06 will have a vert auto/7 speed. Come on SRT I mean Dodge Viper get it together.
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    To those who predict skies falling on Viper on account of upcoming Z06

    I own both and love them in different ways mind you it's a C7 making 591 RWHP and a Gen3 Mamba. The Viper is a handful and the C7 is a joy to drive. Best of both worlds.
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    Keep the C7 Stingray or back to a Viper?

    That's why I love having both in my garage. C7 and a Gen3 best of both worlds. Couldn't get into a Gen5 as your stuck with 640 crank HP and other reasons. I love speed and could not mod the Gen5 so I went with the C7.
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    Keep the C7 Stingray or back to a Viper?

    Both great cars. Gen 5 you won't see them every day but your C7 could be like mine for $10g. 591 RWHP with a supercharger but hey your on a Viper forum.
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    AMAZING PRICES on new Gen V

    Yes but the Vette was voted the best resale value of 2014 just saying.
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    Wanna Go Fast Chicago

    I'm going both days. I'm also doing the hot rod power tour and ending up in Chicago. Only problem is I'm bringing the C7 supercharged Vette. Your going to love it lots of fun!!!!! What year car do you have? My 04 Viper's best pass was 145 MPH mind you that was in the Mountians.
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    Tail of the Dragon 2014

    Never mind just found this. Also the hot rod power tour will be rolling thru the following weekend.
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    Tail of the Dragon 2014

    Who's going this year and what are the dates. This will be my 4 year attending. This is a must do event!!!!
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    Why won't SRT tell us the status of the vert?

    It's the same frame Gen 3/4 so it's easy to make the Vert. I moved on to a C7 Z51. Now has headers and soon a ProChager should put down 600+ RWHP. SRT really needs to wake up. I the bright side they make one **** of a truck (Ram) or (Dodge).
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    Orange TA #200006 on the truck from Woodhouse

    Very nice!!!!! Only thing I would change is your silver tire weights to black.
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    Mamba Edition

    But now just a enthusiast.
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    Mamba Edition

    Mamba 52 here.
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    $34,380 off MSRP Loaded GTS!

    Yep price was not a factor. Forgot to list the boats in my sig The Diesel is great, getting around 33 MPG. But it's my wife's ride and she loves it. The Pfadt "Fugitive" package: Boost your Corvette Stingray to 650HP with a purpose built package composed of Pfadt engineered products designed...
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    $34,380 off MSRP Loaded GTS!

    $72k Z51 3LT and I still keep my Viper. Stock 460 HP I now have my tune and headers and that should get me 40-50 RWHP as a start. As you already know you can't tune the G5 Viper. Just wait until the Z06 comes out in January. $34k off should be the norm by then.
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    $34,380 off MSRP Loaded GTS!

    Great deal!!! In joy your car. Best deal I could find was a GTS for $120. Passed on the deal and purchased my C7 instead. And still get to keep my Mamba.
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    so if the SRT-10 is a better car...

    Good read. And now the C7Z06 is around the corner. I saw this at the airport today!!!!
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    Told ya...

    Or you could buy this car Next year!!!! Too bad it's called Corvette C7Z06. Priced around $90k don't forget it also has dry sump and 660HP.
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    Told ya...

    Here is a pic of the upcoming C7 Z07 600/650 HP

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