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    Anybody want to DE Creampuff????

    your as bad as me :2tu:
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    Dose any know ?

    dam that was quick thanks folks
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    Anybody want to DE Creampuff????

    just wanted to post to add another yellow avatar
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    Dose any know ?

    Any idea What Helicopter that is ? pic was taken yesterday at a charity Day on The Top Gear Track
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    Some better pics of my white GTS...

    :omg:i personally have never realy liked white cars, even, dare i say the GTSR but that is absolutely amazing . there is one thing i would to see you add to it and that is 4mm tram lines to your stripes good that is beautiful :2tu:
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    2009 Autosport show

    is the water warm there mark :D
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    Is this a TRUE statement?

    i can only agree .....mine are vinal though so if i change my mind:2tu:
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    Top Gear episode featuring original RT/10

    May be sloopy sceonds but i love that car pic of it at top gear parked outside the shed. which it was driven out of at the beginning of the show
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    Top Gear episode featuring original RT/10

    that episode with the gen 3 you mentioned . the RT used at the begining was my old car , always makes me sad ,god i loved that car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Secret Super car meet No2 LONDON Aug 9th

    :2tu:see you sunday mark ;)should be 7 vipers i'ye been told:2tu:
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    Chuck Tator on national tv

    us lot on the other side of the pond will also do what we can chuck !just let us know mate!
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    Chuck I hope and PRAY you are not affected...

    that *****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    My new Bumble Bee!

    ;) that 06 looks spot on
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    chin guard

    have some of the run before which was a 177 run but haven't a clue how to down load it :drive:
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    chin guard

    it didn't actualy get riped out, as i dabed on the anchors the guard hit a rased part of the runway and bingo it was left facing the wrong way under the car :omg:.but there was a 10 to 15 mph head wind , which didn't help:dunno:i do think it could be a couple of mm thicker
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    chin guard

    went to a top speed day on sunday at woodbridge airfield ,suffolk,uk. my aim was to get 180 in a standing mile ,after all the work that has been done to the car,managed it! just:omg:180.1 but my chin guard isn't rated to that speed :(
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    3 yellows and a few others...................

    :D: i can only agree :2tu: good pics baz
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    Viper VS Nissian GTR at the Track.

    realy enjoyed that, you didn't seen to be ringing the neck out of your car either, go dodge!!!!
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    Wizard has left building

    thats what happened to bevis and butthead :D:D:D:D:****::****::****::****:
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    windsheild sticker

    yea but that wont match the rest of the interior which just happens to be black and red,including my lovely thick snake oyl floor mats and all my MGW bits inlayed with red enamel
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    windsheild sticker

    :D i think you will find i was me,me,me,me,me,me thanks for the comments folks!!!but neil made it work!:2tu:
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    windsheild sticker

    thanks folks, its now out for its first run ,of to the first uk meet of the year, the luton lunch,the sun is out, the road are dry, bring it on !!!!!!!
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    windsheild sticker

    like to thank neil at for the new decal .you got to be pleased with that!!!
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    Wizard has left building

    why's that baz you on holiday untill next thursday !:2tu:
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    Anyone got pics of tow hooks on Gen 2?

    picked them up on ebay for $70 :2tu:

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