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    2014 to 2009 wheels & tpms.

    Can anyone tell me if the tires rims and monitors from a 2014 Viper will fit on a 2009. Thank you.
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    2009 Viper codes, Help, Codes: 0043, 0047, 0052, 0261 Airbag Warning light.

    My airbag warning light is on constantly and I have not been able to get rid of it and I cannot find any information in the service manual. Used a scan tool and it will not erase the codes. Here are the definitions: 0043 Passenger seat belt sensor short to battery. 0047 Passenger seat belt...
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    AZ. Emissions, Help

    I have a 95 Viper that I brought from Calif. I have tried 5 times and spent $1700.00 so far trying to get it to pass emissions. 2 new catalytic converters, engine decarb, cooling system flush and new thermostat and tuneup. It passes for HC and CO but not for NOX (oxides of nitrogen). Anybody...
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    RT 10 Softop question

    Can anyone tell me if the 3 bows on the softop are all supposed to be bent at the same angle and are they all the same length? Thank you.
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    Gumball Rally Started thursday night. Cars impounded.

    It started thursday night in San Francisco, 140 entries and 5 arrested before they made it 100 miles. Did not see any Vipers entered.
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    Car Dolly's, fifty bucks

    Car Dolly\'s, fifty bucks If anyone is interested in a set of dollys, this web sight: These are the same ones that Jag sells for $79.95. I just got a set from both companies. Cost on these is $44.97. Go to web sight and enter code AX3P-60622 to bring them up.
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    Problem: Roe racing fan kit.

    A year ago I installed the Roeracing fan kit with the manual on off switch. (no optional timer) The kit worked fine until last week and one of the wires to the switch came loose. When I hooked it back up the fan stays on all the time. Tried replacing the switch and relay. Fan still stays on...
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    Anyone from S.F. Bay area going to Virginia City Hill Climb

    Is anyone else from the San Francisco Bay area going to the Virginia City Hill Climb Sept. 20 to the 22.
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    Alignment cost

    Can anyone tell me about what the cost for an alignment should be on a 95 Viper? With or without ride height adjustments. Car has had Eibach springs installed and has never been wrecked. I have been quoted from Wheel Works a cost of $175.00, Big O Tires $240.00 and the Dodge dealer of...
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    Track tires

    If anyone is interested in slicks for the track there is a gentlemen in Wisconsin that sells slightly used full race slicks. I just got a set for my Viper but have not been on the track with them yet. I bought a set of these tires for my 93 Vette a few years ago and they lasted through many...
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    Viper Roof

    Joe, There is one on e-bay now. Go to: Good luck.
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    exhaust pipe size on 94 Viper

    Jeff, I am sure that the 94 is the same as 95 and mine is two and one half inches OD. Hope this helps.
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    could someone please recomend a good service dealership in the bay area CA.

    I live in Pleasant Hill and have had my 95 for about 4 months. I did some checking around to find a place with a good Viper Tech. I prefer to do my own work but had a problem with the air conditioning that I didn't have time to fix. I took the car to Lithia Dodge in Concord. Although I have...
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    Anyone make cruise control

    Who makes a cruise control unit for the Viper.
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    Brake covers

    Does anyone know the part number and where I can obtain the brake caliper covers with the Viper logo on them?
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    Will 99 factory top fit 95

    Can someone tell me if a 99 or 2000 factory hardtop will fit a 95 Viper. Thank you
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    Side sill dented...must they be replaced?

    I assume you have a 92 to 95 with the side exhaust and these are the sills you are talking about. When I bought my 95 both side sills were slightly dented. As long as they are not punctured or torn they are not difficult to repair. If they are badly dented you should do something about them...