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    Anyone looking to trade wheels?

    CCW is now owned by Weld Wheels. Purner is retired.
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    Jacking Your Viper Up On A 4-Post Lift

    You don't need a jack bridge.
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    Are used/broken Half-Shafts worth anything?

    Any reasonably competent driveline shop can remove the failed tubes and weld new stock on your old yokes and balance them good as new for reasonable $.
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    DRBIII PEP Scope Leads mini coaxial connector: What style is it?

    I think the DRB is made by Owatonna Tool Co. (OTC) Try contacting them directly.
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    VCA back to the same old routine

    I just saw that I had a note of apology from a new forum admin who apologized for 'out of control' moderation. In 15 years on this forum, it's the first and only time I've ever been locked down.
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    Brake Booster and Overheating problems at the track

    Gen 1 cars' boosters were not very good. A major braking improvement can be gained by using a Gen 2 booster on the Gen 1. '92-'93 cars are ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL to elevate the front end A BUNCH when you are filling/burping the water from the cooling system. It wasn't until '94 that the header...
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    Jalopnik article says it all.

    Gosh, it almost appears that the broom and the rug came together again.
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    Jalopnik article says it all.

    No content update in 5 days???
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    The time has come.

    Testing limits. 1.2.3.
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    The Bushing That Everyone is Afraid of.

    Jack, That is the same style bolt that the Gen 1 & 2 shocks were mounted to the frame and wishbones with. IMO, the diameter difference between the holes and the ACR 2812 Koni shock (1/2" dia bolts) is why they were referred to as "rattlers" . Thanks as always for your very informative posts!
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    Where does the VCA go from here (Positive Thread)!!!

    Nicely said, Ron. (edited quote only to save space)
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    Rumors...what's the dealio?

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS!!!
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    Guess I'm not the only one up late Saturday night

    You'll never read anything like that here. At least not for long - sometimes even seconds.
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    Power Steering, ok, so now what?

    If it's anything like the Gen 1/2, the pump body is cast and machined. The reservoir is plastic and slips over the guts of the pump and locks in place with the clips. There should be a machined o-ring groove on the OD of the pump body for about a 4" diameter seal. I don't recall if the hi...
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    Epic Suckage! another 998 gusset recall done wrong :-(

    Do whatever you want, but I disagree with your suggestion. I test the oil on a regular basis. I've always gone a year to a year and a half with mine and I've tracked the dog **** out of it.
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    Fitting Gen 2 Shocks on a Gen 4 ?

    You need to check the motion ratio of the new car's suspension to make sure there's enough room for the thing to operate through its full ****** and not top- or bottom-out. I would imagine it would probably be fairly close. Hopefully, the shock body/clevis threads are the same.
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    What is really behind Viper/Michelin relationship?

    As I recall, the C-1 code indicated stiffer bead/sidewall inserts. These give better transient response and more consistent cornering at the limit. If I didn't have these, I'd probably bump the pressures up 1-2 psi over the C-1 tires as a workaround if they felt lazy to me. The non C-1s might...
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    Odd ? about track days & overcoming cornering fears

    Street tires, an air pressure gauge, a pyrometer, a stopwatch and a permanent notebook are the most fundamental tools of the go-fast business. When you can consistently do power-on 4 wheel drifts in 3rd and 4th gear corners with all 4 tires groaning in unison, you will be ready for "stickies"...
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    how long to do the front frame recall

    All Vipers have coil-over adjustable shocks. The major issue is the relative ease of adjustability of different brands/styles. (e.g.: height adjustable threaded collars, externally adjustable damping.) Most stock Vipers have neither.
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    Viper Party "LIVE" Online Auction - April 27th, 2013 - Pirelli, Corsa, Hoosier, more!

    Re: Viper Party "LIVE" Online Auction - April 27th, 2013 - Pirelli, Corsa, Hoosier, m Would this be a tax-exempt donation? What is the money generated by the autction going to be used for?
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    Out with the that is.

    Have your right rear camber and toe checked out.
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    Driver in a Ferrari explains why we prefer Vipers over Vettes

    Senna was the most awesome driver who ever drove Monaco. He was matchless.
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    3,000th post

    Damn you're slow, Ron.
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    anyone got lowering springs or caps for a viper

    Once you get the springs loose from the shocks, it only takes 30 minutes on a lathe to make your own out of the stockers.
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    My Viper is now 13 1/2 years old wow...

    I'm approaching 20 years of continuous Viper ownership. Almost 17 with my GTS.