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    Autoform A-10 Wide Body 2006 Dodge Viper SRT Coupe

    Just wanted to update the Viper Club here on the project car Autoform built. There are now 3 cars done with more in the works. I'm starting this thread primarily to show off the car, design and information regarding the build. I'll try to keep on this thread as much as possible and hopefully...
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    Dodge Viper SRT-10 ACR Front Splitter FOR SALE Complete with hardware and track ext.

    That's right! She's all boxed up and ready to go to a new home. This splitter is new, however does have some slight scratches from being moved around. These are all on the bottom should be able to be easily fixed with a little bit of buffing. Nothing you can see from the top. If you're...
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    Black 5 spoke wheels and tires for sale with Invos

    You need them, I have them! I need these out of my garage. Recently powder coated black 5 spoke wheels with Nitto Invos. All in great shape with tpms but no center caps. $3000 plus shipping or $2100 shipped just wheels (lower 48). Email, text or call for pictures. I can't seem to...
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    Gen 4 Coupe with price dropped to $42K.

    I officially have the car listed on the bay! Sorry if I can't post link, mods please delete if so!
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    Gen 3/4 TA Spoiler for Coupe coming soon - From Autoform

    I spent a few hours this afternoon meeting up with Steve from Autoform in Holland, MI. All I can say is wow! There is so much Viper history in that place it’s amazing. Steve and his crew are super friendly and I highly advise anyone in the area or interested in what they do to contact Steve and...
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    2008 BLue and White going up for sale!

    The time has come, again! My 08 up for sale. If you know Gen 4's you know they never built them with white stripes. This car was purchased new and sent to prefix to have the white stripes added prior to delivery. 2008 Dodge Viper SRT-10 The time has come for me to part ways with my Viper. I...
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    FS FT ACR Black Chrome Sidewinder rims for sale or to trade for other wheels

    Looking to sell my Black Chrome ACR wheels for $3500.00. I'm open minded to trading them for some other used Viper wheels. I need something in a OEM 18/19 size. My wheels have new TPMS, recently refinished in Black Chrome and include center caps. Shipping can be negotiated. I also have a...
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    WTB used or New Sport cups fronts

    Hey! Looking for some sport cups. Used or New I can use either! Prefer 295's. Let me know what you have laying around! -Tim
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    Putting my 08 coupe turned ACR up for sale!

    2008 Dodge Viper SRT This car started off as a Blue coupe. Stripes were added by the original buyer via Prefix (OEM painter for Dodge) prior to initial delivery. I am the second owner of the car. I personally have put almost 15K miles on this car. I have done several different types of events...
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    Anyone have a spare ACR rub strip for sale?

    So I'm in need of that plastic filler piece for the ACR front splitter. It fills the gap when the extension is removed. I thought I seen one for sale recently. PM if you have one please!
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    Borlas for sale! Make offer need gone ASAP!

    I have some Borla mufflers off from my 08. Have about 5K miles on them. Fit gen 3 and 4. Great shape and I need them gone! Also have CAT deletes if interested. I also have a video of all this installed and they sound great without be too loud. [email protected] or message me...
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    Have one new PS2 345/30 R19 for sale Make Offer!

    Long story short I ended up with one brand new PS2 Michelin 345/30 R19. Make me an offer and it's yours! Brand new with sticker. -Tim 231-Two one five. Three two forty two.
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    Borla Mufflers and CAT deletes for sale. Gen 3/4

    I have a cat delete pipe that is homemade as well as Borla mufflers. I am upgrading my car to a full Belanger system so this stuff needs to go. This will work on both gen 3 and gen 4 cars. If you have a gen 4 just simply unbolt your existing and bolt these on in thier place. If you have a...
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    2008 intake and catch can question

    During my searching it seems that a ported intake and added catch can will be on the list of future mods for my 08. Can anyone elaborate on good sources for both. So far for intake port I have Bad Boyzz, DC and Arrow and for a catch can I have Mark @ Woodhouse. Any opinions, HP...
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    New mods for the 08 with pictures!!!

    Recently decided to change up the looks of the 08 a bit. I contacted Nick ([email protected]) AKA White Out and he hooked me up with some parts. If you need anything contact him first! I planned to do a write up on the APR splitter install however the thing actually came with usable...
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    Anyone have CF Fog deletes for sale?

    Changing up the car a bit. Decided the fog lights shall go. Anything hanging around? Thanks! Tim
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    I need center caps!!!

    Looking for the Fangs center caps (Gen 3/4). Pretty much any condition. I would also settle for blank centers. Looking for a few of them. Prefer a lower price. Singles or sets or hand fulls whatever you have PM, email or call/text. Thanks! [email protected] 2.3.1-two...
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    Anyone looking to sell a 18/18 track setup wheels and/or tires

    Looking at the SSR 18/18 setup. I have a gen 4 coupe so I know I'll need the parking brake kit too. I was looking at tireracks setup with the R888's but before I went and ordered theirs for $3000 figured I'd see what was around here. Missed a set on eBay a few weeks ago which made me think...
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    I remember when I posted an add for a Viper for sale in the classifieds.....

    Oh yeah that was Monday. Yet to see it up. As one of the few people that would like to see the VCA eventually get back together this is a disappointment. Also sent a PM to VCA staff and still nothing. Thanks for the renewal letter though. I'll be sure to file that in the appropriate...
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    2010 Dodge Viper Laguna Seca ACR 1:33 up for sale

    It sickens me to do this but here it is. Details should be up soon pending add approval. In the meantime here is the info: Up for sale is my 2010 Dodge Viper ACR. This is the 1:33 Laguna Seca edition. Obviously hate to put...
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    Possible sale of 2010 1:33 ACR

    Getting caught in "medical insurance limbo" at just the wrong time has me contemplating the sale of this monster. Message me for details if interested. Looking for cash or possible GTS+ cash. 96-99 prefer 99 though. ACRviper-23 | Flickr - Photo Sharing...
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    2010 ACR WOT throttle concern

    Okay so I have had this car for about a month. I have put maybe 1,000 miles on it at most coming from my 08 I recently sold. My issue: It seems as if the ACR at WOT is slow. The "seat of your pants" pull doesn't seem anywhere near as hard or fast as my 08. The car seems to get great...
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    Chrysler Dealership "Harold Zeigler" in Grandville, MI

    Harold Zeigler in Grandville, MI What an amazing dealership! I have found it very difficult to find any dealership that I can trust with my Viper's. After dealing with the "Dodge" dealership here in my home town of Muskegon, MI and having several bad experiences I asked a few friends where...
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    Current best pricing on Sport cup fronts

    Looking to see what's out there for Sport cups. My ACR has good tires on it now and it came with a new set of rears but I would like to pick up some matching fronts in the near future. I seen tirerack is a little over $400 each shipped but wanted to see who else may have them. Looking for...
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    Trade gen 4 ACR for any gen V

    Just throwing this out there. I know I'm personally a ways out on purchasing a gen V myself but it got me thinking........ Would I trade my gen 4 ACR for a gen V? Yes! I love the looks and styling of both cars and for many reasons my mind says the ACR is a better car for me, however the Gen V...

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