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    Thanks Chuck - great job fixing Gen3 clutch problem

    At only 8k miles on my '03, I was experiencing a shifting problem. When vehicle was driven normally, it required more effort than you'd expect to change gears. It was the last 1/4 inch of shifter movement into gear that actually required muscle-obviously not good. Chuck took a look and...
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    Gen 3 exhaust - high flow cats?

    Believe me when I tell you I've tried the search function for this one... but to no avail. I've been an owner for a couple of years, and as you can see, I've been posting like there's no tomorrow. I think this is #3. I have a completely stock '03 with 6k miles and looking to minimally put...
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    Thanks to Jon B and Chuck Tator

    I recently ordered a set of Kumho tires from Jon B to replace the original (dried out!) set of run flats with only 4k miles on them on my '03. Chuck said the runflats might make a good base for a coffee table, but he still wouldn't trust them - and I think he's right. Thanks Jon B for...
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    New owner intro

    Hello all- I've been reading the forums for the last couple of years learning about each viper generation before deciding on a purchase. This site has been invaluable. Well, I pulled the trigger three weeks ago on a red '03 SRT 10 with <3k miles - exactly what I was looking for. The...