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    Nothing new,but a good summary

    Autoweek video on the new Viper :drive: No Ferrari Viper, and the Impreza line grows, in <i>AW'</i>s News Brake for Wednesday, Nov. 25
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    Chrysler selling Viper

    Was this reported in another thread? :omg: Chrysler considers selling Viper business unit - AutoWeek Magazine
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    Electric problem ? Help needed

    I have a 1998 RT/10 almost stock except for K&N filters, smooth tubes and SnakeOyl muffler delete. On my last two runs, the engine starts normal but within the first 10 minutes of normal driving, the RPM needle drops to zero for one second and goes back to normal. the car will hesitate during...
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    F-16 Viper vs SRT-10

    I searched for a video of the race between the F-16 Viper and the SRT-10 and did not find one. So for those interested, I made one from a French TV program. F-16 Viper vs SRT-10 Warning: Comments in French
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    Just installed cruise control

    I know it may be considered as treason by some, but I just wanted to install a cruise control on my Viper. I did have some difficulties, however I am glad with the results. I put some other pictures on My Viper Page below, under "In my Garage".
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    Canadian recall

    Did any Canadian receive the famous Viper Recall (998, 999)?? I would be interested in more details on how and when they were issued.
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    Rocket Fuel

    Somebody sent me this article and I am sceptical. I remember some discussion on the old VCA Board about using aviation fuel but I can't find the reference. Anybody tried toluene as an additive in the fuel tank? Rocket fuel for our cars
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    PLEASE, save this site.

    Am I the only one just fed-up with these long strings that have nothing to do with enjoying owning a Viper? Sooner rather that later, the VCA membership will need to be consulted (informaly with FikseGTS poll ??)on whether posting on this board should be limited to VCA Members. I would vote...
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    HELP concerning Viper Notes

    Concerning the Viper Notes, I was told some time ago by Joseph Houss that the Viper Notes are not mailed to VCA Members outside the USA. He hinted at the possibility of e-mailing the text only but that was the last I heard. Would any other VCA member outside the USA be interested in getting...
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    Playing with Viper on Eurosport

    Ever wondered what to do on one of these long winter evenings. Here's the answer from Eurosport (mpg is 2.0Mb)
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    New Viper Buzz

    Read in Car and Truck News: Hidden away in a Ward's Automotive story about Tier 1 supplier ASC is some interesting Buzz about the next generation Dodge Viper. Ward's reports that "ASC is also working on prototypes of the next generation Dodge Viper." They add that "a preliminary build of a...
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    Oreca #91 Viper at W.P. Chrysler museum

    Very nice photos. The #91 really took a beating during the 24 hours. I worry with a small paint chip in my facia. this car looks like it was used to shovel gravel....