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    Custom brake/clutch pedals for the tall folks ?

    I have the same issue. And my size 15 feet are too big for my left foot to fit between the clutch and the side of the pedal box to rest on the dead pedal. And you obviously don’t want to rest your foot on the clutch. That little bit of pressure is no bueno. It makes for very uncomfortable...
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    Windshield wipers not working as well as windshield fluid not spraying

    A new multifunction is readily available. I just got one for mine from the local parts store.
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    Viper coupe rear conversion available?

    Hello, Does anyone happen to know of any coupe rear conversion kits for the convertible left? I know it's a long shot but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. My Viper is twin turbo and I gotta make sure it looks good as I am going past. LOL. I know all the stories of Vipair sucking. I know...

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