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    radiator for racing

    I want change original stock SRT 10 radiator with one of following: Alan's 3 pass custom radiator Fluydine 3 core radiator Which is the better choice or racing and a future...
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    3.33 or 3.55

    Hello forum! 6th gear is not usable now in SRT 10 on the road! My intention is change original SRT 10 stock pinion/ring (ratio gear 3.06) with a 3.55 ratio gear but i received from tuner this comment: "would recommend the very hard to get 3:33 gears..... 3:55 is a little low. If you add...
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    Viper In Italy !

    OH YEAH!!! Also italian people like Viper! I'm one of these and I hope not only ONE !!! COME ON.....:clap: :clap: :clap: This is my red SRT 10 during a beautiful mountain sport driving in Alpi Dolomiti (last summertime).:2tu: :2tu: :2tu: Very very good panorama and adrenaline...
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    Welcome! all partecipants to this forum!:) I'm the first to open this forum ..... and also one of a few SRT 10 owner in Italy!:2tu: I like a lot tuning my car,I like partecipate at this VCA discussion ... and follows veterans meaning!:2tu: :2tu: .... so I hope in a good future for all HERE!:2tu...
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    Tilton Carbon Clutch

    [FONT="Verdana"] Hello to all partecipants of this super VCA forum; i want change stock clutch with a more aggressive,performance streetable/track-day and take in consideration a s/c Paxton future install. I saw diferent possibility (maybee you know other...): -Fidanza many knows; -Tilton...
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    Paxton Novi 2000 -better price

    Hello from Italy!:2tu: I want buy a Paxton Novi 2000 system for my Viper SRT 10 (2006). Where is the better price on internet? Thank you luigi
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    Performance intake+air filters

    Hello,I'm a lucky owner of a SRT 10 (2006),from Italy. I like tuning my car and i started with a Belanger exhaust system. Next I want change stock intake & air filters with a VERY Performance new. I saw K&N,Greenfilter,etc. Before order one or another i prefer ask your opinion. This is the...