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    VOI Caravan

    Coming from Des Moines, would love to caravan!
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    Need a little help

    How about F8LVENM
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    Looking for something to do?

    Couple items on the schedule I'll have to attend!
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    2013 Events - VCA Ohio Region - EVERYONE WELCOME!!!

    Cool, Where do I sign up for Nationals????
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    Been looking for get togethers all year. Doesn't seem like there have been too many. I'd like to get together with my Viper brothers and sisters at least once this year, but can't seem to find any postings for meets. If anyone knows of something going on in the midwest before the end of the...
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    Online Renewals for 2012 Information

    Ok, so I know this is a hijacking, but, I've been looking at the forums all year for get togethers and it doesn't seem like there have been that many. I'd really like to get together at least once this year with my Viper brothers and sisters. So, what's going on out there? Sorry I can't make...
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    Best spark plug wires where to buy

    AB's are the only way to fly!
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    Snakes at the Lake May 12-13

    **** I'm going to miss it!!!!
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    GENI & II OEM "like" Radiator Replacement Option

    Love to hear what's up with the outcome of this and final temps and other observations.
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    "LIVE" AUCTION ITEMS - Viper Party - April 28, 2012

    See a few items I might be interested in. Last year, I had a hard time getting the auction to work on my computer. How are we handling it this year??
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    2012 KCVCA Calendar

    What can you tell me about sadlers go karts and lunch?
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    Looking for something to do?

    Who can give me more information on the go kart get together?
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    The Last Cruise of the Year! October 8-9! The Quad Cities!!

    My wife and I had a phenomenal time!!! The Wilton Candy Kitchen was the highlight of the trip for us. Would be fun to do this again.
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    700r project

    Really hope everything works out for you on this!!
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    VOI 12 information ??

    At least I WILL make this year's VOI!!!!
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    Charlotte Weather During VOI

    Hopefully it will be dry!!
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    Sourcing Obsolete Parts For Gen I and Gen II Vipers

    Not sure on that. Can try to check around though. I had to replace my fuel pump module a while back, and now I wish I had kept the sending unit off the old one. I would have given it to you.
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    Funny story.... could have been lame.

    Most of my buddies are cops, some of you have met my friend Doug. Believe me, most of them are car guys too. Doug sure is and has driven my Viper shall we say in a spirited fashion on more than one occasion. LOL
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    Gen 2 RT/10 unstable at high speed. why?

    I've had mine well over 160 on numerous occasions, no issues whatsoever. It seems to actually be more stable the higher I go. I'm thinking alignment or tire issues.
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    Vipers looking for revenge at The Ring Today!!!

    This absolutely rocks!!!!!!
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    Well that was a neat surprise!

    Very sorry about your kitty. I lost my baby of 17 years earlier this year, and then my 8 year old kitty had to be put to sleep as well due to kidney failure. I really feel your pain.
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    never again!!! someone at valet smoked the tires off my car

    Catch him after work some night, and beat his ***!
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    *PICS* Midwest Zone Rendezvous 2011

    Hey, I feel slighted!! LOL