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    Ralph interview on TA
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    Copy of Gen V Invoice

    Found this. The image is small and a bit blurry. We all know "invoice" isn't really the invoice, but it just goes to show the mark up. Ralph did an interview a while back before the Gen V had its price announced and he said that he was going to keep previous owners in mind, but if you were to...
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    I'm not sure this should be allowed......
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    Anyone know when this will be revealed?

    Apparently this can be ordered for 2014. Anyone order one? Anodized Carbon Edition Package — Matte paint finish, carbon fiber brake (front and rear) ducts, rear applique, exterior gloss black GTS badge, satin black exhaust bezels, satin black fuel filler cap, Alcantara headliner and door...
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    Epic!!! (sorry if repost)

    I saw this Gen V and I love it. B/W is so herioc and screams Viper. However, the one complaint I have about the LE is the 5 spokes are aweful in my opinion. Glad to see nice wheels put on. Would love to see more examples. I would love to see the LE Gen...
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    New Video Review

    New video review. It is a pretty positive review, but not all the facts are presented correctly. I find it odd though he felt the engine didn't have the low end torque Vipers are famous for. Anybody that owns one feel that way...
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    Viper TA Article

    Didn't see if this got posted.
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    GT3R Video Please, please, please let the ACR look like this!!!!! Paint scheme looks great too. I would be less fiscally responsible than I should be if this was the ACR. This actual car is a bit out of my reach, lol!!
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    Man...the Gen V can't catch a break (Another bad video review) Gen V loses to C7 in all categories except acceleration???? Looks like SRT sent another dud. Maybe I'm being a little too optimistic, but I felt the Viper should have out preformed the Vette. SRT better start their...
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    Acceleration Video...

    Found this and thought I'd share....
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    I believe this is Ralph's car on the dyno...

    Here you go....
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    Matte Gray SRT

    I'm assuming they wrapped it, but I think they picked a bad material because it looks kind of green.
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    MotorTrend Demonstrates Testing Procedures with the Gen V Interesting video. Nothing controversial or dramatic, but I can't help but feel they made this video as some sort of "look, it's all legitimate." On a side note, still have yet to see a video where launch control had been...
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    I'm convinced Motor Trend hates the Viper (Video) I'm truly convinced after this that Motor Trend doesn't like the Viper. The fact that they don't mention that the TA smoked the SLS and act as if this is how Vipers perform is absurd. Also when Carlos says the car...
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    Cool Stryker Red Video

    Nothing too fancy, just some good shots of the car. I know it has been beat to death, but in this video the trunk really looks open partially.
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    Anyone want to buy a Gen V from a dealership that still calls it a Dodge?

    I know it is semantics, but it just goes to show how seriously some of these dealerships took SRT's efforts in training. What a joke. SRT, are you guys watching this? You can't tell me that of all the people that showed up for training were all "winners." I hate to be mean, but come on......Thin...
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    SRT Viper ACR Article

    I may have missed this, but the renders look interesting I guess.....
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    SRT Viper TA Photoshops

    I thought the TA would look cool with stripes. I have to say, I'm not very good with PS and as you can see the lines aren't perfect, but I will say those that do GTS style stripes on SRT hood aftermarket are going to have the best combo. GTS stripes on the SRT hood looks sick!! Did this one...
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    Motor Authority: 2013 SRT Viper: Majority Of Orders Are For Ferrari-Influenced GTS

    Wow...... Why can't someone give SRT credit? I know SRT went to Italy to learn from Ferrari, but if you remember the biggest reason for learning from Ferrari was to learn how to turn a profit on a low volume vehicle. Seriously though, every time an American vehicle does something spectacular...
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    Behind the scenes: Pennzoil commercial shoot

    Nice clip of the Gen V having some fun...
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    Does the ACR need to break the 7:00 mark at the Ring?

    With McLaren's claim of a sub 7 minute time and LaFerrari on McLaren's heels, does the Gen V ACR need to run a sub 7 minute time frame to have the record? In short, then answer would be yes if McLaren is speaking the truth. The question then really becomes with the market seeing cars like the...
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    Carbon Fiber Interior Package

    When will SRT ever show the carbon fiber interior package? I thought the TA would've been a great opportunity to do so, but they passed. Anyways, maybe I missed it, but I'd really like to see it...
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    Gen V loses a drag race... That's it. I'm not ordering one now. :rolaugh:
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    Interior Design - Conception to Creation

    Found this article and noticed this on SRTs facebook page...