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    Fuel System Upgrade

    Does anyone make a full on Fuel system upgrade for the Gen3? Not the GenIV deal but moving to 1/2inch lines with sending unit, pumps regulator Y block etc. Not wanting to re-invent the wheel here but need to upgrade mine for a more powerful N/A engine. RSI has a drop in pump sending Unit with...
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    Parts Rack Scores A++ rating with me again!! Thanks Jon B

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Jon B. for the fastest service on a set of Forgiline wheels I have ever had. I had just sold a set of sidewinders and needed a new larger set of Forgelines for the track. Not only did he have them sitting at the factory waiting for me to pick my color/lip combo...
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    Trailer Graphics

    Hey Viper nation, Anyone know where I can find someone who can produce Viper art for my trailer? I have a 28ft ATC in black that I need to add some flare too. Not looking for a wrap but some Viper logos and maybe an outline? A few DodgeII emblems etc. Anyone with some connections shoot me some...
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    ACR-X Brake and Aero Upgrade

    First a BIG THANKS to STEVE at VIPAIR for all the Carbon!!!!! Next another big THANKS to F8L SNK for the informative and time saving tips!! AWESOME Products and great Help!! Thanks so much GUys!!! So I thought I would share the Install and photo's of my front end conversion I did. The install...
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    ACR-X Racetech Seat install

    well for christmas my wife got me the full on race seat from Racetech that is in the ACR-X. i am well aware of how much a PIA the installs can be.What i wanted to know is if Viper Race HQ makes a bracket for the seat or i just need to custom weld the racetech brackets in?Going to email Tom...
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    Anyone know if 315 hooisers will fit on stock ACR front rims?

    Will a 315 R6 fit up front on OEM ACR rims or is that too wide for that rim?
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    A/C Delete

    Anyone remove the entire A/C before? Wanting to know how big of an ordeal it is to remove? Also how much in weight is saved? Doing it for weight reduction reasons (track car)
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    What Race Seats fit in a GenIII / IV

    So as I get faster around the track and a cage and race seats look more and more likely. I would like to know what Race seats fit in the Viper? Any pointers or suggestions on the subject. I already sit with the seat all back all lowered using my own modification to a 2" seat lowering kit. I do...
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    Anyone run an GenIII or Gen IV with no muffler or cats?

    Im curious to know how loud and obnoxious it is to run a side exhaust car with basicly straight pipe. Only considering to reduce weight. The Corsa system is a pig but sounds good. I currently run no Cats with Balanger Headers and Corsa. Its loud but not stupid loud. I only track the car.
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    ACR-X Raffle Car? When can I take delivery?

    Ok so my dream car has just been announced as the Next VCA Raffle car in the latest magazine!! When can I enter and I need details like NOW!!! Thats my car dang it and don't be letting anyone but my ticket win.....:nono: :rolaugh:
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    Differential Overheated? I have a Quaife? Anyone with a solution

    Well it looks like I overheated my differential fluid yesterday at the track:mad: (and I have a quaife) It burped all over. Not a ton of fluid but enough to have me freaking out until I saw what had happened. Didn't see it until I was putting the car on the trailer. I was putting the heat down...
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    Adj. Sway Bar End Links HELP!

    Anyone have a photo of these installed on an 03+ car? I got some from Jon B. and im not sure I recieved the right ones? Alignment shop gets the car this thursday and I need to have the right parts for him to put on and corner weight the car again. He is closed now so (Sat eve). Thanks
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    Viper or SRT Font?

    Anyone know what FONT is used for the Viper SRT-10 Logo or the SRT abbreviation? Search function gives me zip. Or what is close? Trying to get some decals made up in similar font. Thanks in advance Sorry if this is the wrong place ask this question.
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    The Sterling Snake gets her stripes! ACR-X Wing

    Well after nearly a month of waitng my baby got her warrior stripes! I have always loved the Comp Coupe tapered stripes so with some help from a couple members and inspiration from Leslie!! My Viper has emerged looking just down right sick! In person the car just screams fast. This viper is...
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    Motul Best Prices

    Ok, so I only use Motul 300v 15/50 and the stuff costs a small fortune. Im paying $26.97 for a 2.1 liter bottle (Just over two quarts) plus shipping. Anybody know of some outpost where I can find this liquid gold at a more reasonable cost? Im a motul fan so im not switching (don't ask me...
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    Steering Wheel Replacment for track use

    Wondering how biig a deal it is to remove the steering wheel to install a momo? What about the Airbag light? Also do they detach easily.... would love to have some feedback on this subject from those that have done it. Also would like feedback on how to pick out a steering wheel? Tthis car is...
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    Race/Fire Suit Logo's

    I am getting ready to send in my race suit to get my company logo put on it and I also downloaded several other vector art files. Does anyone know if there is a problem of me using company logos to add some flare to my suit. Like the "viper logo", "fangs", "dodge", "mopar" etc. to my suit? Would...
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    A/C Removal and weight savings?

    Just putting this out there because im curious but does anyone know how big a task it is to remove the A/C unit and all its stuff on a GenIII. Second how much weight is saved by doing this?
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    Cool Suit Question

    Anyone here run track/race with a cool suit? My wife got me the club/race system for christmas and im realy looking forward to using it. Anyway, what I want to know is should I just install an on/off toggle or install a control switch that would increase/decrease the flow of water? I'm thinking...
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    To cute not to share :)

    I love my family above all..... but add in a Viper and these kids get darn cute!:)
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    Balenger Head Gasket Issue

    Anyone had problems with the Balenger head gaskets? After a very long day at Mid-Ohio beating up on some acuras and porches I started to get a unpleasant smell inside the car (Might have been the Acura I ran over :****:). Couldnt find what it was until I got home that night. The driver side...
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    Race School Experience BONDURANTS

    I wanted to share a bit about my experience out at Bondurants Race School. I have found the more I track my car that upgrades under the hood are merly more detrimental to my life than the upgrades you can get inside your head and SOP (experience). I have done Viper days and tracked my car with...
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    Viper Patches "Fanges or Other"

    So where can a guy find Viper patches now a days? My race suit needs a face lift and I would like to add a few Viper logo's on it?:dunno: Mods if this is in the wrong forum sorry:D
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    Lost my Kitty Cats this weekend *Pics*

    Well it was time..the cats needed to find a new home:D Why...Probably because I just get bored if im not working on my car! Here are a few pics. Got an appointment this friday at the dyno to tune it up. The car sounds a little louder but not much. Im not sure what everyones fuss is about no...
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    Brake Ducts

    We had a discussion over the weekend at the track about brake ducts. I thought I had seen some on SnakeOyle web site but I believe I was mistaken. Does anyone make them for the Gen3/4 that take the air right up to the rotor?:dunno: