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    Black and Blue pt 2

    Admins, I have a thread in the SRT-10 section tracking all the GTS Blue GEN IV ACR's and it appears that it has been archived. Is there anyway to retrieve it? thanks Bruce
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    Group Photoshoot

    Took some pics of all 3 cars at a Club picnic on Aug 17th. Got all 3 cars together. Bruce
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    SRT Commercial

    Finally, Bruce
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    Loss in the Viper community

    **** Manley 47 was a car enthusiast and a business man in the Omaha area. He had owned several Vipers over the years with his latest an 09 Solid Yellow ACR with the upgraded Tan Interior. He would show up to a few events in the area. Prayers out to his family...
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    Forbidden error

    in 2 of the GEN V forums that have a 2nd page i am getting a Forbidden 404 error. The 2014 vert thread and the I am going to just go ahead and say it thread. Bruce
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    1st try with a GoPro

    Not the most exciting videa but had to give the camera a shot. Enjoy Bruce
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    Mildly Entertaining

    Found this on Youtube. enjoy Bruce
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    Cruze for a Cure Car show in Omaha

    A few local Mopars made it to the Cruze for a Cure car show today. Took a few pics of other Mopars too. Bruce
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    Next Raffle Car

    any guesses? i am shooting for the first or the last of the Launch Edition GTS GEN V Vipers. Bruce
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    ANother GREAT autoline episode

    This is the after hours 150th show with Ralph talking cars in general and answering questions. A lot of good questions and answers. It is a bit long but is a great watch. Enjoy Bruce
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    Gretna Days Car show July 22nd

    If you are in the Omaha area Gretna is hosting thier annual car show. In the past we average about 10 Vipers and several old school muscle cars. See you Sunday Bruce
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    Viper articles in Magazines

    A friend of mine was going through all his magazines over the years to dispose of them and he presented me with every Viper related article in the magazines from 1992 to present. the Magazines are Motor Trend, car and Driver, Road and Track and Automobile. Holy cow it is like 100 total...
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    Viper Red spotted

    Enjoy, Bruce
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    I am a bit of a memoribility nut and am wanting to find all the magazines that have the New GEN V on the cover. Please list them out here. Ones I know of Autoweek Automobile Car and Driver Motor Trend Road and Track Top Gear BBC thanks Bruce
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    Snake Eyes headlight covers

    Viper nation, Just getting interest in a group buy for those that want the Snake Eyes headlight covers for 03 to 10 Vipers( will ask about GEN I and II next meeting). I have a very reputable local business putting a clear bra on my car and they also do vinyl graphics. We just talked...
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    2012 Calendar of Events.

    Dates to be added so check back. If you are in the area around thesetimes you are morethan welcome to attend. May 18th Don & Millies meet and greet 144th & Harrison Omaha May 19th High Impact Performance Mopar Car Show exit 442 Omaha June 2nd Roys Grand...
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    Off for more upgrades

    I have Rick Maxwell making a few changes to my car. Getting a clear bra on the front facia and have motor and ****** mounts added to my 09 ACR. Aslo getting those dang tire sensors looked at. I always thought I would leave this car alone but once you get started it is hard to stop. Take...
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    Omaha Area gathering

    The Nebraska and Iowa Viper community is getting together in Council Bluffs Iowa at the Pizza King Steak house on Sunday at 4:30 pm. Weather permitting we will have our cars there. Bruce
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    SRT Viper #001 to be sold for charity, How much?

    The very first production Viper will be sold at Barrett Jackson in Orange County. Any guesses on what it will bring. Bruce
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    Welcome the 2013 SRT Viper GTS

    HOLY COW Faster lighter stronger and smarter. AWESOME Bruce
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    Front License Plate in Nebraska

    A bill was approved today, 46 to 1 in favor a single front plate for specialty vehicles in Nebraska. It is heading for the Governor to sign. I do not have the details but I am sure there will be a cost to eliminate a front plate, but who cares I am all for it. Bruce
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    First Production GEN V Viper

    Ok it is a little early but it will give folks time to guess. Putting together a thread on the following items below. This is for the very first production Viper to roll off the assembly line that is actually for sale. Have fun Bruce 1. what Color 2. what Body Style (coupe, vert...
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    All 2007 and Spring 08 Viper magazine

    I am going to get all the suppliment posters and would like to have the matching magazines. Most are not longer available on the web site. if anyone can halp me out let me know. Buce
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    GEN V Production

    Where will the new car be manufactured? is CAAP retooling? Bruce
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    No Front Plate in Nebraska

    So me and 2 of my Mopar buddies are heading to the last car show of the year here in Omaha when in my tail lights i am being followed by a police officer a block away from the show. The lights come on and I pull over and get the dreaded fix it ticket for no front plate. Yes I am guilty and new...