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    1997 Water pump

    Hi Guys Have a 1997 Viper GTS Order water pump from dealer 7 weeks ago .Roe racing shows water pump in stocks,e mailed them to make sure no reply.If someone can contact them or knows where I can get water pump and if can ship to Ontario Canada.Before canceling my order need to know along it...
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    Fuel Tank Removal

    Whats the best way to take out the gas tank on a 97 GTS. Thanks in advance
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    How To Drop Frame From Body

    Its a 1997 GTS. Thanks
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    Need Some Parts

    I need these parts for 1997 Dodge Viper GTS Right tail light Right Backup and Turn Sigal Light Rear Deck Lid Glass Right rear knuckle with hub bearing and universal joint Thanks
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    Fan Works Part Time

    Out for a cruise looked at temp almost 250.Put stock tune back to see if this will help. Got it working,did some auto X today,stopped working after a couple of runs. Once I got home the fan started working again. What could this be.This is been going on for a month. Thanks
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    Fans Not Working

    Hi guys.I`m driving a 97 GTS. Could some tell me which ones are the fuses and relays I should check.My fuse lid is a different year.Is there a way to check the fan?:dunno: Thanks in advance.
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    First Time Solo2

    LOTS OF FUN:drive:
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    Motor Mounts

    Driver side motor mount broke.What to buy ,stock ones or aftermarket and where? While I'm at it,trans mount also. Thanks
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    Black Smoke After Tune

    Used the SCT DCX Flash.Car pulls hard and runs cooler.Racing road course and people were telling me that black smoke was coming out my tail pipe.:crazy2: Here's a pic. I'm thinking rich? Anyone else used this have the same problem? Thanks
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    Tunned Viper NO START

    As I was programming with Xcalibrator 2 DCX I realized half way threw that I didn't pick the program I want,when I hit select it just started ,so I unplugged it. Tryed it again and found that the 3 tunes are gone and there was a return to stock which gave me an ERROR 11 - OBD-NOAUTODETECT. I`m...
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    Viper Sites

    Need help in finding some cool Viper sites.:dunno: Thanks
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    My Best Smoke Show

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    Flames From Tail Pipe

    Added some graphics for my last track event,noticed from video, flames from tail pipe. I have no cats for this event. [email protected]
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    Found This in My Tire

    Don`t know if someone did this or pick it up some where.
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    No Brakes

    Coming home from gas station,got on it a bit went to hit the brakes to find out their was nothing there.Found out that the brake booster hose poped off. Has this happened to anyone else and is this normal? What can I do to stop this from happening again? Thanks In Advance
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    Cruisin for MS In Ontario

    Fifth Annual Cruisin' for MS Taking place Sunday, Sept. 9th. Starts in London, drive approx. 200 KMs around Southwestern Ontario, ends at the Plunkett Estate in Lambeth... more details to follow. This is a charity car cruise that benefits the MS Society. Proceeds go to research to find a cause...
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    Avitar Pic

    Could some see if this pic gets put for my avitar. Thanks
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    Playing - G-Tech shiftlight

    Shiftlight works great.
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    Apexi AFC Neo Air Fuel Controller

    Need your input,can this work on our Vipers. Thanks
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    Fighting Over My Car

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    Drift Pic

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    Storage Question

    Is it a good idea to change the oil just as I put it away or wait until spring? Thanks
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    Underdrive Pulleys

    Seen this on E-bay Thinking about getting this. Any tried this and what HP gains can you get? Thanks
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    Where To Shop In Detroit

    Looking to get some OEM rotors and look around too see what else I can buy for the Viper.Coming from Ontario to the airport ,anything around their would be great. Thanks
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    My Drifting Wipe Out