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  1. Joseph Houss

    Official Press Release - Conner Avenue LIVES!

    The Snake Returns to Chrysler Group’s Conner Avenue Assembly Plant Conner Plant reopens to produce 2013 SRT Viper Nearly 150 jobs to return to Detroit New Viper to roll off the line in late 2012 December 13, 2011 , Auburn Hills, Mich. - Chrysler Group LLC announced today that it will reopen its...
  2. Joseph Houss

    If anyone is running 0-30 Mobil1 around Humble TX

    According to another site: Local Walmart (Wilson Rd, Humble, TX) has Mobil 1 0w30 5 qt jugs on clearance for $15.
  3. Joseph Houss

    Gen V - "a ***** woman on the beach"

    According to Automotive News: Chrysler Group LLC says the new Dodge Viper sports car is going to be “drop-dead beautiful” and is meant to draw buyers from Porsche SE's cars and General Motors Co.'s Corvette. The new Viper's look was inspired by “a ***** woman on the beach,” said Ralph Gilles...
  4. Joseph Houss

    Merry Christmas to All!

  5. Joseph Houss

    Automotive News "TV" - Gen 5 News

    Well, kind of: They announced this morning: " ... is very rearward and the hood is very long. Few cars in the industry are designed with those proportions anymore" - Ralph Gilles Nice to see Ralph is teasing the press!
  6. Joseph Houss

    Daily News - Top Gear and the Viper!

    Nice shot of the Viper on page 72
  7. Joseph Houss

    Finally! Some good press! We're number 1!

    In a very surprising twist! Powerfully Efficient - MSN Autos
  8. Joseph Houss

    Happy Holidays to All!

  9. Joseph Houss

    PartsRack Nurburgring Decals - Need you input!

    Well, once again JonB blew me away by surprising me with a package of three "Nurburgring 7:22" decals! ....and just because I asked him if he was going to have any more of these! So now, I'd like your opinions on which color combo to use, and location of the decal! Considering I have a...
  10. Joseph Houss

    Venom Red Convertible? 4th Avenue in BROOKLYN!

    C'mon guys... fess up! Who was on 4th avenue at about 5pm on Friday? 'Ya passed right by my shop!.... without saying hello!
  11. Joseph Houss

    JonB does it again.... for my Dodge Journey!

    Wow, new model, and NO ONE, repeat NO ONE, knows enough about this small SUV to give me a straight answer on a Winter Wheel and Tire package, but sure enough, JonB was able to match Wheels and Tires that should fit ALL of our Journeys (I have a FWD RT, but I believe the specs won't change for...
  12. Joseph Houss

    May I be the first to wish all

    Happy Holidays!
  13. Joseph Houss

    Did anyone notice the front page of SRT "Edge"

    2008! Along with the obvious hood vents.... doesn't that roll hoop look taller?
  14. Joseph Houss

    New Pic of 2008 from Dodge

    Just e-mailed to me. I believe this is the first time they shot (or photochopped) the red without stripes! Here's the e-mail's text: Thanks for signing up for 2008 Viper updates, speed fans. Now get ready to start your engines and experience the new 2008 Dodge Viper SRT10. Fangs bared...
  15. Joseph Houss

    Another Fun Find

    Once again, not sure if anyone visited the SRT site lately, as it seems they added a little "3D spin-able" image of the 2008: Just click "Dodge" on the bottom:
  16. Joseph Houss

    2008 Specifications - Official

    Did anyone see this yet?
  17. Joseph Houss

    Did anyone catch this in the press release?

    There's an autoshow area of the Dodge website that states the following: "Eight exterior colors will be introduced throughout the model year-five of which are all-new including Venom Red, Snakeskin Green, Viper Violet, Viper Orange and Bright Blue. Racing stripes continue to be an option with...
  18. Joseph Houss

    NJ Viper owner needs a VEC2

    Anyone? Please e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks Will post a parts wanted ad as well
  19. Joseph Houss

    May I be the first to wish everyone.....

    A Happy Holiday!
  20. Joseph Houss

    NJ Viper owners! Attention: Huddy's Annual Auto Show

    NJ Viper owners! Attention: Huddy\'s Annual Auto Show Date: Sunday July 16th Time: 11am - 3pm Where: Huddy's Inn, Route 34 (next to Becker Hardware), Colts Neck, NJ For those of you in the Monmouth Cty area, Huddy's Inn will be having their annual Car Show! No need to pre-register - just...
  21. Joseph Houss

    The Next VCA Raffle......... Starts Now!

    Only one prerequisite.... you've got to be a VCA member!
  22. Joseph Houss

    Arlington Hts SRT Track Experience! Saturday and Sunday, April 29 and 30,

    FROM VIPER HQ: The SRT driving event schedule for Saturday and Sunday, April 29 and 30, 2006, at Arlington Park (, located at 2200 W. Euclid in Arlington Heights, Participants can also attend driving sessions on Saturday at 9:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 1:30 pm, 2:30...
  23. Joseph Houss


    Our Friends at SRT, along with the VCA, will have a Car Corral for all SRT vehicles (ALL GENERATIONS OF VIPERS WELCOME!) on Friday, March 17 at Sebring Raceway. We are limited to 50 SRT Vehicles (which includes all VCA member owned Vipers of all generations) and 100 people. The cost is $80.00...
  24. Joseph Houss

    Great News For Every Viper Owner/Racer!

    I'm sure many of you remember Jim Julow, one of our strongest supporters at Dodge, and surely a guy that enjoys Vipers as much as we do, and surely "gets it!". He wholeheartedly felt that the Viper Nation deserved the best, and the VOI's and generous support we got during his era will be...
  25. Joseph Houss

    2006 Viper Sales Brochure - ONLINE - HOT!

    Interactive Higher Res soon! Enjoy!

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