1996 Dodge Viper GTS Coupe #1012


Oct 12, 2006
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  • 514ci v10 stroker motor by TNT Motorsports.
  • Forged Rods and Pistons
  • Ported cylinder heads by Caldwell Development (flow bench sheets included)
  • Custom Cam
  • Aluminum 1.7 roller rockers
  • Stainless headers tig welded long tube with Burns collectors
  • Stainless exhaust straight through no cats no mufflers (Modular setup to put cats and mufflers back in side sills easily)
  • Griffin aluminum radiator
  • 18” 3 piece Kinese Wheels
  • New Michelin pilots on all 4 corners
  • Original team Oreca GTS-R double plane adjustable rear wing (the wing that was banned after a season as an unfair advantage)
  • Direct port under manifold computer controlled progressive nitrous system. Please see photos, this system is custom made and completely hidden under the manifold and jets can be changed in about 30min. Second independent fuel system for NOS system so jet calculation is made very easy. (squared up) The system is controlled by a in cockpit NOS brand progressive computer control allowing you to set the initial hit between 10-100% and bringing on the power over a period of 0 - 10 seconds. The computer progressively drives 2 NOS solenoids and 2 fuel solenoids. The system has a fuel pressure fail safe, and will only operate at WOT. This system can be run from mild to wild. I have run it at anywhere from 100hp -500hp. While 500hp may sound like a lot, it’s really only asking each cylinder to produce and extra 50hp. Proper spark plug heat range and gapping is about the only mods needed between different HP set-ups
  • Unitrax upgraded half shafts
  • 4 point roll bar (fit and finish is amazing)
  • New battery
  • Paint is in very good condition
  • Interior is in very good condition
  • The original “soft touch” dash in the the 1996 models was very delicate and difficult to maintain. I replaced the dash and center radio bezel with a new 1997 model dash with the wrinkle finish. I still have the original and it goes with the car.
  • Bear 6 piston brakes and rotors
Car was built by TNT Motorsports and myself in Houston. Stroked to 514 cubic inches, forged rods, forged pistons .30 over, cam, Caldwell development ported cylinder heads, 1.7 to 1 aluminum roller rockers, stainless headers, full stainless 3” exhaust, and a custom under manifold direct port Nitrous oxide system.

The car has been road raced and drag raced through the late 90’s, participating in Viper Club of America club events around the country. It has run in the high 9’s (9.90 @ 148mph) in the quarter and did that early on when only half dozen or so cars had ever run in the single digits. The car runs consistent low 10’s with a decent driver. Any of the early people in the VCA will remember the car for the Florida license plate “KING SNK” . The car competed in John Hennessey’s first Viper National event where it finished 2nd overall (missed a 2nd to 3rd shift in the final ) in the modified class, and named King of the Streets on factory DOT street tires at that same event.

Contact Jim Potts at [email protected]

954 673-8551


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