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Nov 2, 2022
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Calgary Alberta Canada
Good Morning

I have an 04 in Silver that I am considering selling. It is a Canadian Car, and the car is currently hibernating close to Calgary Alberta Canada. I have no experience exporting cars, but would be as helpful as I can. I am the second owner, and the car has 38K Km or approx 24k miles. I have owned the car for 5 years and have put approx 5K miles on it. It is not perfect but it is pretty damn close. I say that because everyone has their definition of "immaculate". I am fussy and have babied this car. With that said it has required nothing in terms of maintenance from me. I am embarrased but proud to say I have not even waxed the car. It does not get driven in anything but sunny weather. If it got caught in rain it gets washed and put away with the cover on it. I beleive the less you touch or mess with the finish the better. I am sure some of you are cringing but that :) I was filling it with fuel this year and the guy at the pumps asked me if it was a "new one". :) **** Stock with the exception of the K&N air filter.
In an attempt for full disclosure here are the knocks against the car I would like to know before I bought if it were me.
- front right headlight took a rock and has spider cracks. Not noticeable from 15 feet or so but that the way it is. Headlight functions perfectly
- Original 04 Pilot sports run flats on front (with est 70% tread) and I put a used set of Pilot Sport (?) on the back. Est 50% tread on the back. Thought about putting all new on but thought the new owner might want to enjoy a few "traction tests" with these on before settling down and putting on new ones :)
- Curb rash on front right wheel :( this one hurt....it is about a 6-7 inch rub.....it will need to be fixed.
- some tiny scratches and imperfections that you might not notice but I know where they are. Was gonna have the car power polished and detailed next spring.
- I was gonna get the car up on a hoist to take car of some road tar residue underneath but have not gotten to that yet. I live rural and the road work guys dont pack the pothole repairs. Dont get me started.

Thats all I can think of but if you are interested I can take a bunch of pics.

The reason I am posting on the viper site is that hopefully everyone on here knows about these cars and knows the value. Please be respectful as will I.



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