5th Annual Snakes-Under-A-Plane Meet 10/26/2013 Dover Delaware


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Feb 26, 2002
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Hey everyone! It is now Official! If you plan to attend PLEASE, PLEASE,
PLEASE at least read the highlighted portions below, I post this
every year, but people still show up unprepared. Look forward to
seeing everyone again!


Delmarva Vipers is hosting another visit to the Dover Air Force Base
Mobile Air Command Museum on Saturday, October 26th. This is an
open event so everyone is welcome to attend - however, due to
increasing size and setup issues only the Vipers and AC Cobras
will be allowed on the field for pics.

PLEASE let me know if you definitely plan to attend as early as possible
- I will need to inform both the Museum and Restaurant of headcount
so they will be prepared.

The AMC Museum is located on the grounds at Dover AFB and
features retired examples of a range of transport aircraft from the
small U3 Blue Canoe up to the massive C141 Starlifters. While not as
flashy as the Bombers and Fighters featured at some bigger
museums, the planes here are much more massive and, unlike the
bigger museums, the staff here go out of their way to let you explore
the aircraft inside and out. On our last four visits the curator was even
kind enough to open up the back lot and allow us to drive in and pose
our cars with the aircraft. It was an amazing experience, everyone
seemed to have a great time.

The museum recently acquired "Air Force 2" - a recently retired
VC-9 Nightingale that was used as the main transport for Vice
Presidents and VIP Officials. Last year we were given a special
opportunity to tour the aircraft prior to being open to the public.
This year it should be ready for a proper look over. I have been
informed the C-5A used in the ICBM launch will NOT be dedicated
until Nov so it will not be on display yet... sorry...

We are looking to arrive around 10am and begin our tour by 11am.
There are no fees to attend or park and, because the museum is
relatively small, you can explore a good portion of it in under two
hours. Our photo sessions with the aircraft tend to take a bit longer.
Afterwords we like to visit a restaurant right next to the Delaware
Capital building for a late lunch - it's good food by good people, and
out of the way with a nice large parking lot.

We STRONGLY encourage you to bring a snack and/or drinks to help
tide you over until (depending on weather and attendance) what
could be a very late lunch. Also a folding chair and comfortable
shoes are highly recommended as most of day will be standing on
airfield concrete.

Feel free to email me directly or post here with questions.
[email protected]

Dover Air Force Base Air Mobility Command Museum:
Air Mobility Command Museum - Dover AFB Delaware - Home
1301 Heritage Rd.
Dover AFB, DE 19902-5301

From points North on Delmarva [Wilmington, Philly, Jersey]:
Take DE Toll Route 1 (or US 113) South PAST the Air Force Base.
Take Exit 91 to State Route 9 (first overpass south of AFB)
Approximately 0.5m the entrance to Museum will be on Left

From points South on Delmarva: [Salisbury, Norfolk]
Take US 13 North towards Dover DE.
Turn Right (East) on State Route 10 to Dover AFB.
Before overpass turn Left on US1/US113 South (no toll).
Follow above highlighted directions.
*-you can also take US 13 to US 113 to US 1 from Pocomoke,
longer route, but fewer lights/speed zones.

From Bay Bridge (approx 1h20m from Bridge) [DC, Baltimore, Bowie]
Take US 301 North.
Turn Right (East) on State Route 302 Barclay Road. (~9 miles)
Turn Right (South) on State Route 454 Crown Stone Road.
Crown Stone Road Becomes Halitown Road State Route 8 in Marydel.
Continue on SR8 through downtown Dover. (~17 miles)
Cross over US 13, Continue on Rt8 / E. Division Street.
Follow Right onto State Route 9 South.
Musuem on Right.
* - you can Turn Right on US 13 (Follow Sign for Dover AFB)
Immediately get into left most lane, follow signs for DAFB.

Fraizers Restaurant:
Fraizer's Restaurant, Dover Delaware
(Last year they were closed from unexpected storm damage, all is well now and they are
expecting us!)

2009 Event:
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2010 Event:
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2011 Event:
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2012 Event:
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May 29, 2003
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Don't forget to email me a reminder so I can send something out via email server. Thanks.


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Feb 26, 2002
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DelaWhere? USA
Great, thanks! So far (depending on weather) I have 6
definites and 10 maybes. Weather looks to be cold but

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