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    Aug 8, 2012
    I am very impressed with both their products and with people behind that business, Steve specifically. Looking at their rear lip spoiler for SRT10, I actually had a hard time telling it was made of fiberglass. Unlike many other fiberglass products I have dealt with, the part was top notch everywhere, including very smooth gelcoat layer on the underside. The fit and finish overall was excellent.

    What I really found interesting was that the spoiler was actually made of two parts that were joined together, to save weight. I could not find any signs of seams or joints anywhere and the only reason I found out was by talking to Steve Dryer who explained to me the entire process. Very interesting stuff made the old fashioned way, both designed and manufactured in house in the old US. Nice to see this still takes place and the products and service are of such high quality. Nothing beats businesses ran by car enthusiasts who actually enjoy what they do. I'll look forward to doing business in the future. Thumbs up.

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