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Dan Cragin

Feb 16, 2007
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This new product has been quite a development project for us lasting about a year. The results are spectacular and well proven.

Some history here. When the Generation 4 Viper came out there was quite a bit of buzz about it's new Sach's double disc clutch assembly. Lighter pedal, better engagement and more holding power were the design features of this new clutch. Dodge did a good job on this, but the product reflected a cost saving approach.

We at DC Performance, soon found there were some limitations to this clutch under hard use or high hp applications. With the introduction of our Generation 4 performance engine package and up to 700hp on demand, the clutch was soon becoming the weak link. At the first race of the ACRX series there was lots of smoke at the starting line, it was not tires but the clutches! It was then we knew that a better clutch was really needed for higher performance applications.

Quick to respond was our in house performance consultant Lyle Larson, when it comes to clutches and performance applications he knows the industry. He enlisted Mc Leod Industry’s for a new product. In the past Mc Leod was the only company who could handle our clutch needs for 1000hp Vipers. The criteria was smooth engagement light pedal effort and extreme durability for the Generation 4 Viper.

Mc Leod produced the product, we tested and went through quite a learning curve. Our test vehicle was the new ACRX and we put 2 revisions of the new product through a torture test. The results were a spectacular modular clutch that is great for a street car or a race car.

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MC Leod RXT Clutch for the 2008-2010 Dodge Viper

This new RXT Street Twin Clutch Assembly is the solution to extreme street car and race car horsepower. The RXT can handle up to 1000hp while still maintaining light pedal effort with no chatter. This modular assembly bolts directly to your stock flywheel, there is no need to purchase a new flywheel, which considerably lowers the cost of adapting to a high quality clutch assembly.

* Sprung Hub disc with excellent release quailities
* Lighter than stock pedal effort
* Premium ARP hardware
* Performance tested in ACRX

DC Performance introductory price: $1309.33
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