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Can Anayone Help SCT With a Gen 5 Mule

Discussion in 'Florida: North/Central' started by Jack B, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. Jack B

    Jack B Enthusiast

    Nov 5, 2000
    NE Ohio
    [h=2]I posted this in the Gen 5 section, can anyone help with a Gen 5 test mule. I am fairly sure they are looking for a car.

    SCT for the Gen 5[/h]
    I talked to a very good source today and SCT is releasing their new CC tuning platform within the next 90 days. Their plans were to add the Gen 5 PCM to their package and then do the Gen 4, however, they could not find a Gen 5 to use as a mule, so they developed the Gen 4 tuning software first. That means the Gen 4 package should be out with the new SCT platform along with the tuning capability for several other newer CC cars. The Gen 5 is supposed to follow fairly quick. If I were to rate the accuracy of this info, I would give it a 90%+ chance of happening. The new hardware is already finished.

    Here is the chance for all those on the fence about the Gen 5 because of the locked PCM to stand up to the plate with their cash, otherwise we will know they are blowhards who never would have purchased a Gen 5. i know what they will say, "seeing is believeing". When the Gen 5 tuning package is released another excuse will pop up. ​

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  2. Bobpantax

    Bobpantax Enthusiast

    Oct 2, 2000
    Interesting Jack. I think that some, like me, want to see a turn key kit like Paxton produced for the Gen III that could be installed by Woodhouse or any competent tech with someone like Dan Cragin then developing custom calibrations for variations of the kit. A positive displacement supercharger ( similar to the one recently shown at Allpar on the Hellcat engine) would be the best but a Centrifugal based kit would probably be alot easier to develop since the Hellcat is an eight cylinder engine and the supercharger package used for it would not be useable for the Viper. It would also have to be designed to fit under the X brace. I think it is possible but I do not see it happening in the immediate future. Your thoughts?


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