CEM cancelled - Join the Pistenclub.de ?


Mar 7, 2005
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Heidelberg Germany
Since the Swiss Corvette Club cancelled our only possible racing event for this year the Viper Speed Team needs to/should look for some other possibilities on weekends rather than week days. Not easy to find. But, Peter L. came up with a recomendation. It is a good one too.
The Drifttraining - Fahrtraining - Fahrertraining - freies Fahren auf Rennstrecken (Pistenclub) is a racers organization located in Germany but sanctioning events and competition drivers(national FIA competition schooling/licensing) in all Europe.
They also offer driver training days at race courses in Europe. visit their site for specifics. I plan on joining and using the training days as much as possible.

The price is resonable for a whole day of driving on a race course. There are several of us who are considering this good possibility to enjoy our Vipers the way we like to. It is a great way to learn to drive your Viper at the limit. It makes you a safer driver on the Autobahn. We are lucky, we have an real Autobahn. The poor guys in the Illinois club have to go to the pseudo Autobahn to have fun. neener neener Gary and Howie

Any ideas or comments let us know.
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