CRAZY UPS Rates Promotion

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    Long story short: Ground Residential is 30% discount, Ground Commercial is 38% for 1-20#, more discount for heavier weights.
    International is 61%.

    Have to signup by Monday.

    Rates stay in effect to 2044

    Below is table data copied - if you work at it, you can navigate it with the above references.

    Tier Incentive
    UPS will apply the following incentives to each eligible package tendered to UPS. These incentives apply to all zones unless otherwise specified.
    Incentives apply to Outbound, Freight Collect, Third Party, Returns® and Undeliverable (where applicable).
    Weight (lb) Domestic International
    Next Day Deferred Air Ground Comm Ground Resi Export Import Canada Standard
    1 - 20 60% 55% 38% 30% 66% 46% 25%
    21 – 50 65% 60% 42% 35% 71% 51% 30%
    51 and up 70% 65% 46% 40% 71% 51% 30%
    Letters, Documents & Paks will apply the 1-20lb Incentive from their respective service level.
    Domestic Air CWT Domestic Ground CWT International Express Freight
    40% 35% 40%
    Additional Incentives
    UPS will also apply additional incentives to the following services:
    Accessorial Domestic Domestic
    Cubic Inches Dim Divisor
    Delivery Area Surcharge
    All 166
    Delivery Area Surcharge Extended
    Residential Surcharge
    Additional Handling Charge
    Large Package Surcharge
    Address Corrections
    UPS Smart Pickup ®
    UPS On Call Pickup ®
    Delivery Confirmation – No Signature
    Saturday Delivery – Air
    Saturday Pickup

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