"DAY BEFORE VOI" Open Track Day at MILLER 9/30...


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Dec 8, 1997
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Columbia River Gorge
Those attending the Viper Convention who want some additional QUALITY track time the day prior have this opportunity, courtesy of Miller Motorsports Park:

Miller Performance Schools Thursday 9/30

West Track, Your Car, 3 x 25-minute sessions, 1pm-5pm $250 NO INSTRUCTOR. Orientation Ride Prior.

East Track, Your Car, 5 x 25-minute sessions with instructor $685. You may also choose West Track for afternoon. Includes Lunch. 730a-5pm. [JonB note: sched looks to allow 1-2 bonus sessions....ask # below.]

Convertibles require ROLL BARS..... SCCA Approved AutoForm top may be OKd. ASK.

To REGISTER, call MMPS Schools at 432 27-SPEED (77333)

Or full schedule and all details at: Viper School Track Day at Miller Motorsports Park

NOTE: Thanks to CINDY LUX for this heads-up. VRL and VIPER CUP Drivers invited.

SEE YOU THERE ! JonB ~~~~:<~

ps: Mustang GT rental w/ instructor $2195. FR-500S $2595.
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