DIY: GenII O2 Sensor Harness Extension


Apr 3, 2006
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This is not really a deep DIY it's rather simple. For those of us that have a need to extend our front O2 Sensor Wires due to aftermarket headers, etc. there's a solution out there. Casper's Electronics sells a 24" O2 Sensor Extension harness. It's "almost" plug and play but doesn't require splicing of wires.

This is the extension (about $27 from Jeg's), Casper's Part Number 109034.

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I stated it's "almost" plug and play because a slight modification is required in order for this extension to mate with your O2 engine wire harness, namely the adapter. Below, is a shot of the drivers' side O2 harness plug that connects to the O2 front sensor. This plug has a stub on it that will prevent it from mating with the extension harness. The stub needs to be shaved down or removed.

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Once this stub is removed it's simply a matter of connecting it to the extension.

Consider this wire extension as an alternative to splicing.

- ViperTony