Fantastic dealership experience

Paul Hawker

Oct 1, 2000
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San Diego, Calif, USA
After reading a previous post about horrible dealership experiences I was expecting the worst.

A friend was interested in buying my 09, so I wanted to see what might be available in a new 13-14.

Stopped into a local Dodge dealership, Carl Burgers in San Diego. Was blown away.

They had 4 well detailed Gen V's in their showroom. A blue/white launch edition, a white SRT, a dark metallic black with gray stripes, and a red GTS with tan Laguna interior.

They called up their Viper sales specialist that had gone to Detroit for training and he opened each of them, going over the details.. I did not ask for a test drive, as I have driven them several times before, but felt they were more than willing to roll one out of the showroom.

Said they were eager to buy my 09 in trade as they had sold all their used Vipers. Did not have it with me, so no numbers were discussed.

They were offering from $10,000 to $22,000 off each of them, with bigger discounts on the higher priced models. More off on the 13's than 14's.

They were pretty nicely equipped, with good rims and accessories. Would have been proud to own any of them

Believe they had them on ebay also, so if anyone wants to bag a deal, this might be an option.

Pretty easy people to deal with, and they even gave me a bag of popcorn on the way out the door.

So, no they were not parked out in the snow, chained up, nor have additional dealer markup. They were, however, locked up to keep the kids from crawling around inside.

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