Finally installed "Toms Biggies" Rear Calipers

Discussion in 'Vendor Review: Tom's' started by JonB, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. JonB

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    Dec 8, 1997
    Columbia River Gorge
    We had a charity event last weekend, and I gave back-to-back Pace car rides to many many dozens of donors, as well as led groups of exotics for hot laps. I have been content with the OE calipers on my 1996 since its birth. But since the seals and boots were shot, and so were the pads, I did the TOMS DEED before the event. GLAD I DID...

    While I cannot say the result was "phenominal" I can say that it was very noticible... the STABILITY it gave the GTS under harder and trail-braking corners was much needed. Should have done it long ago.

    Im a believer. Thanks Tom....

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