First time on strip with ACR

Discussion in 'Time Slips' started by ssniper, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. ssniper

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    Sep 10, 2010
    Well I took my 09 ACR to a street legal style drags on saturday and only got two passes in but found out a little about the car. I have only had the car 12 days with about 900 miles on it, it was a new carryover. Firts pass ran a 12.1 @ 125 with a 2.00 sixty foot. I got bad wheel hop in firts gear and had to let up for a bit and then get back on it and that hurt my time and speed. Is this common on the stock tires? They also werent putting enough water down to wet the entire tire for the burnout and that didnt help anything and could have caused the problem with possible wet spots on the tire when I launched. Second run was really bad and also went sideways in second so had poor run and quit while I still had a rear axle. I know the car has a lot more in it with a proper burnout and better sixty foot. I sure do like the car though and dont miss the 09 Z06 snd 08 ls3 coupe I traded for it yet anyway. Any feedback or advice would sure be apprediated as this is my first viper.
  2. Canyon707

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    Wheel hop is a problem. Get a OS Giken Diff. poly mounts, some 18" drag radials, a line lock and practice. I find that unloading the clutch can sometimes cause the rear wheels to hop. I like to get it going at about 2k rpm and then let out the clutch and throttle up without spinning the tires.
  3. FikseGTS

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    get the tires hot, the cup sports need it..... you won't be wheel hopping if your sticking, I was getting consistent 1.7x 60' times on the stock acr tires launching at around 4,500 RPM....

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