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Joseph Dell

Oct 2, 2000
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Atlanta, GA 30319
The time has come to sell my car. I don’t have the time or energy to put it back together. So I’m willing to sell all of the pieces and parts including the chassis at a low low price just to send it packing. It is currently not running but has nearly all the parts it needs. It just needs some motor time in the machine shop and someone with the desire to get it going. It maxed out the engine dyno when it was last built. The chassis is built to handle the power.

Original owner 99 RT/10. 18.5k on the odometer. The highlights:
-Stryker race heads, Greg Good ported, and flowing over 400cfm @.600. Heads are in great shape. With titanium valves.
-custom rockers
-custom ground cam
-titanium lifters
-custom pushrods
-turbo 400 transmission
-Hogan custom intake (used to be on Sal’s car)
-9” rear
-Diamondback hood
-custom cooling system (this was our secret to success!)
-side exhaust
-full cage
-full interior
-twin turbo 98’s
-turbo system including all connectors, manifolds, and fittings
-dry sump setup
-new block
-new top notch Carrillo rods - with spec sheet
-new top notch diamond pistons - with rings, pins, and spec sheet
-new stock crank
-18” stoptech front brakes
-Tom’s 40” rear brakes
-Hogart drag tires/CCW 18” front skinnies
-parachute system
-AEM Infinity system
-full stereo w/ DVD player (ok… it is old… pre-bluetooth)

The car was running strong when it put a hole in the block. So I bought all new parts and then COVID hit and the motor sat in the engine shop.

Also will include: damaged billet crank (repairable). Extra bonus new GTSR block. This is the block I was going to build out the motor with but then decided to go with a stocker instead. So YOU can decide which to build!

This photo was taken at the track when it was running strong. I have or can take photos or videos of everything else.

Willing to consider a trade for a running stock Gen2 or Gen3 also (+/- cash as appropriate).

Title in hand. Car is in Atlanta.


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