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    Sep 4, 2011
    Thanks for all the people that have posted up tips and fixes for many years on this site.

    I wanted to pay it forward for a $2 fix on my Gen cooling fan.

    The 95 has always run in the middle of temp gauge since D.C. in CA replaced the paper head head gaskets and replaced many worn out components along the way. Excellent work Dans team does.

    Now 2 years later I was getting temp creeping on the gauge even on highway. Coolant was good and never had a leak. The same time I do have the override controller that allows the fan to run even with key off, and noticed rattling and scraping when the fan came on.

    So I removed the fan, super easy, and removed the c clip from the motor snout holding the blade on.
    I found the factory uses a spring pin on the back side of th blade to drive it. The pin was sheared off, its a wonder the fan turned at all.

    So I knocked out the old spring pin, very easy, ran to Home Depot found same size and length and installed new pin.

    Fan works like a charm, no noise and blowing so hard I can feel it in traffic through gaps in the firewall. Awesome!

    Hopes this helps someone save an old Gen I fan or fix an overheating issue.
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    Sep 26, 2010
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    Glad there are more people out there who are willing to dig into "non serviceable" parts. I had a similar issue with my power steering in my gen 3. I just had a relief valve that was sticking. All I had to do was pop the valve out, clean it up, and stick it back in to fix the issue instead of replacing a $300 cooling fan module.

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