Gen1 PS2 Bandwagon and 40mm Brake Upgrade to Boot!

Discussion in 'Vendor Review: Tom's' started by Lexciting, Jun 10, 2009.

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    Jul 2, 2004
    Ordered my PS2 tires from PartsRack (and shipped/at my door in 2 days!!!:)) and also ordered Tom's 40mm rear brake upgrade on my Gen1 and as the title says: I am on the bandwagon! WOW!!!

    PS2: Rear stays planted when you get on it from a stop, no more darting into the next lane on uneven surfaces. Cornering feels like you are on rails. I know that the tires are new, but I can definitely tell the difference from last year when I had new OEM Michs which lasted about 7000 miles (I have ACR 18" wheels).

    Tom's 40mm Rear wheel upgrade: OK, this is definitely needed for Gen1s! Hard braking now brings confidence to the Gen1!

    Prior to the 40mm install: On a clear stretch of road (private road), I went from 80 to very hard stop, and as expected; I felt the fronts locking and had to let off/on/off to maintain steady control. After the 40mm rear install, steady and smooth! No lock feel and I definitely saw the braking distance decrease from the road markers. Definitely recommend both the PS2s and 40mm rears for all GEN I vipers!

    My .02

    (side note: Brake upgrade came in handy already since some old fart IDIOT decides to shoot/kill a guard at the Holocaust Memorial (RIP to the guard) and I had a line of DC Police (5 cars) cut in front of me (hard braking) to block the exit for downtown DC! Figures this old fart (88yo) survives while the guard (39yo) dies). :dunno:

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