Happy To Support Club - Shipping/Tracking Not What I'm Used To

Discussion in 'Vendor Review: Viper Parts of America' started by ROCKET62, Mar 21, 2011.

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    Happy to support the club - but I've been a little spoiled by Partsrack/Tirerack on tire purchases in the past. Typically - I get my tires the next day from those sources and am provided tracking numbers, etc.

    My SRT tires took 10 days after my order to arrive and a set for my daily driver took 17 days. Had to send a few emails to track things down. For those concerned about tire freshness - my PS2's rear tires were from 2008 and the fronts were produced in 2011.

    Turned out to not be that big a deal - and wanted to let others know for planning purposes.
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    Just noticed these reviews - probably should address a few of them! :D

    Many of our tires come directly from the manufacturer which is why some (like all of the tires above) will specifically show in the description that they ship in approximately 10 business days (14 days including weekends). Note that means they will ship in that time, which means they may not arrive for as long as 18 days including four days in transit for UPS Ground.

    All that said, tires that are in stock (like the Nittos currently) will ship the same day ordered and may even arrive the next day depending on the buyer's location. Our system should be sending full tracking information for each and every package, whether it is individual tires or multiple tires strapped together.

    We strive to ship everything as quickly as possible and let folks know if it will be longer than those two weeks before they ship. In turn, we offer some very aggressive pricing to help Viper owners out - often saving our customers hundreds (plural) on a set of Viper tires. If you are like most people and only buy tires for your car every few years, a little extra time to ship should be worth the savings.

    Thanks for being one of our customers and helping us support the club!

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